Ever feel like there’s something missing from your exercise routine? Maybe you could use some accessories.

No, not accessory lifts, but physical add-ons to work into your routine for maximum benefit. Sound good? We thought so.

Here are our top six recommendations for accessories to kick your workouts up a notch.

Fabric Resistance Bands

Depending on how they’re used, resistance bands can challenge or assist your training.

Like most of the things in this list, they’re small and portable enough to allow you to bust out a quick resistance workout no matter where you are. When incorporated into a heavy glute session, they increase resistance and can help you feel more of that sweet burn.

They’re also great for making sure your knees are tracking in the right direction during lifts like squats and deadlifts. By keeping tension on the band, you stop your knees from collapsing inwards.

Plus, the fabric has fantastic grip, preventing the band from rolling down your legs or worse— painfully pulling at your skin. Ouch.

Squat Pad

There’s nothing worse than loading a barbell with plates, psyching yourself up, and then bailing halfway through a set because of pain from the actual bar. Or worse yet, being forced to switch to front squats. Shudder.

If you’re feeling those hip thrusts from bruises on your pelvis rather than in your actual glutes, you need to invest in a squat pad. This will provide the right amount of cushioning to protect any bony areas coming into contact with the bar from discomfort. They’re super lightweight and easy to pack away in your gym bag or keep in the boot of your car for when leg day comes around. 

Sliders and Ab Wheels

Endless crunches and pilates ab workouts are great and all, but you don’t know what an ab burn feels like until you exercise a little creativity. And that means movement.

Much like a suspension trainer, equipment like sliders and ab wheels allow you to move and crunch your body, working the abdominals and obliques in an equally challenging and creative way. But unlike a suspension trainer, these add-ons can easily fit inside your gym bag and don’t require even a doorway to set up. 

Sliders and ab wheels also add a functional element to your training, allowing you to improve your balance as well as control over specific muscle groups.


Para…what? Unless you’re into callisthenics, you might have no idea what parallettes are. But even those in a committed relationship with the weights section should consider changing things up with these incredibly simple but powerful bodyweight accessories. 

Parallettes allow you to do functional (and fun!) callisthenics moves even if your gym doesn’t have the right equipment. Build balance and upper body strength with L-sits, dips, push-ups, and even handstands. Nothing beats the feeling of having all eyes in the gym on you as you hold a steady planche.

Skipping Rope

There’s no denying that cardio gets a bad rap. Not everyone loves staring at a treadmill screen for what seems like an eternity, or finding the motivation to leave the couch to jump around outside.

Enter the humble skipping rope. Compact, challenging, and totally killer, it’s your secret weapon to smashing through cardio absolutely anywhere.

The skill required means you’ll be focused rather than bored (even tried to do double-unders?), and you won’t have to wait for a cardio machine or even leave your house. In other words, you’re all out of excuses to skip cardio.

Foam Roller

A foam roller might not be suitable to use during a workout, but it’s essential for mobility and recovery. And if you’re working out regularly then you should absolutely consider recovery as important as any other workout.

Foam rollers are great for working those sore muscles either during your post-lift cooldown or for a longer session once a week. You can even foam roll before leg day to help warm up those muscles and help you to lift safely. It might just be what you’ve been looking for to help break through that deadlift plateau.

While we can’t say enough good things about these accessories, we have plenty of other equipment to help take your fitness routine to the next level. Take a look at our products and grab a deal today!