Disclaimer: Customer Responsibility for Proper Use and Care of Purchased Goods

NC Fitness Gear PTY LTD advises that the customer is solely responsible for the appropriate use and care of any goods purchased from our company. We advise customers to use our products only for their intended purpose as described in the product manuals and accompanying instructions.

NC Fitness Gear PTY LTD cannot be held liable for any damages, injuries, or accidents resulting from the incorrect use, misuse, or abuse of our products. It is the customer’s responsibility to exercise caution and ensure that they understand the correct usage techniques and safety guidelines associated with each item.

Furthermore, customers are expected to take proper care of the purchased goods to maintain their condition and functionality. Regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance should be conducted as recommended by the manufacturer. Negligence, improper storage, or failure to follow maintenance guidelines may void any warranties provided by NC Fitness Gear PTY LTD.

We strongly advise customers to consult with a doctor prior to undertaking any type of exercise program, to determine if the customer has any medical conditions that could put the customers health and safety at risk.

Customers can seek guidance from our customer support team for any questions or concerns regarding the appropriate care and maintenance of our products.

By purchasing goods from NC Fitness Gear PTY LTD, customers acknowledge and accept the responsibility to use the products correctly, follow safety guidelines, and take necessary precautions to ensure their own safety and the preservation of the purchased goods. NC Fitness Gear PTY LTD shall not be held responsible for any damages, injuries, or liabilities resulting from improper use, misuse, or negligence.

Please note the warranty does not include items that have arrived with a minor scuff mark or scratch or items where paint has peeled as this does not affect the way the product is used.

NC Fitness Australia warranty terms range depending on the product purchased.

All items are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty when used as intended.

NC Fitness Australia will replace or refund the item unless the cause is;


• Standard wear and tear
• Misuse
• Assembled incorrectly
• Out of warranty
• No proof of purchase

Any warranty claim will require an invoice number and be brought into the store or have evidence by way of an image through email that our staff will approve.

Click the link below to download our warranty template