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Transform your garage into the perfect Home Gym

If you are looking to buy home gym equipment or fit out your own home gym, we can help with the right advice to turn your garage into your dream workout space. The perfect home gym depends on what your personal training goals are. If you are a runner, you might be thinking of mostly cardio, and if you love some mindfulness you might just need space for a yoga mat.

Here at NC Fitness Gear, we have a range of equipment suitable for any size home gym – and we can help you decide what is best for your personal circumstances and space.

What equipment should you choose for your home gym?

To start with, you need to decide on a dedicated space for your gym. You might have a garage or a room in mind – or a space in another area. Whatever you choose, make it a dedicated area. We think that having a mirror is an excellent idea so that you can monitor your form and check that you are performing lifts safely and correctly. We also recommend home gym flooring, so you can perform your exercises safely. You might also want to make sure you have a screen so you can follow an online class or have a Bluetooth speaker for music.

Aside from aesthetic thoughts, making the right choices of what to spend money on is something that needs careful consideration – but we can help with some ideas.

Top 5 Ideas for At-Home Gym Equipment

The best set-up for general needs includes a good mix of cardio and resistance equipment – and when space is at a premium you want to make sure that you are getting the best value for money. That is why we suggest the following:

Wherever your fitness space is, gym tiles are an important addition to your home gym. To protect your flooring and your equipment there is a range of options available to suit your needs. For small or awkward-shaped spaces, you can use our interlocking Premium Rubber Tile – made from fire retardant premium rubber that is mostly recycled shoe soles. We also have single piece options available which comprise 1m square of premium rubber with incredible shock absorption to deal with whatever exercise you do.

  • Treadmill

Our Renegade HIIT Runner is a non-motorised treadmill that is powered by your legs. Perfect for ‘deadmill’ running or HIIT, it burns more calories because it engages more muscle groups. Treadmills are the ‘go-to’ cardio option for many people, allowing you to keep running even when the weather is against you.

If you want to make the most of your powerlifting, then our 5 x 5 Program Package 01 is an essential solution. It features half a power rack, a flat weight bench, bumper, and incremental plates as well as a 7ft 20kg barbell.

A full set of dumbbells is an excellent investment for your home gym, and our 5-35kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set with Stand is perfect. Featuring 13 pairs of dumbbells on a 4-tier stand, this is a space-saving option that we love.

We think our Kettlebell Master Set is great for all home gyms because it comes with a 2-tier storage rack that can safely handle all 11 of the kettlebells in our set with room for more. Each kettlebell is uniform in size and shape to make it simple to move between weight ranges.

Buy Your Home Gym Equipment at NC Fitness Gear

We have every single item of equipment for your home gym that you could possibly need at our Hallam showroom in Melbourne – so whatever you decide your set-up will be, we can help at NC Fitness Gear.

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  • 16oz Boxing Gloves Leather 16oz – Gold/Black
    40 left in stock
  • PU Olympic Weight Plate 5kg Pair
    39 left in stock
  • Incline Slant Board / Calf Stretcher
    46 left in stock
    Was $120 $80
  • Bumper Plate Camo V2 15kg Pair
    11 left in stock
    Was $163 $114.10
  • Bumper Plate Camo V2 25kg Pair
    15 left in stock
    Was $270 $189.00
  • Speed Skipping Rope – Camo Red
    25 left in stock
    Was $21 $8.40
  • Speed Skipping Rope – Camo White
    80 left in stock
  • Speed Skipping Rope – Camo Yellow
    91 left in stock
    Was $21 $8.40
  • Mini 6 Digit Interval Fitness Timer Clock
    72 left in stock
    Was $135 $90
  • Pump Bar Set 20kg
    12 left in stock
    Was $135 $110
  • Aerobic Step
    36 left in stock
  • Eva Jigsaw Karate Mat 20mm Grey & Black Tatami
    113 left in stock
  • Elastic Hip Band 32cm Blue and Black
    62 left in stock
    Was $20.00 $7.5
  • Hip Band 32cm Pink/Blk
    95 left in stock
    Was $20.00 $7.5
  • Hip Band 38cm Blue/Blk
    227 left in stock
    Was $20.00 $7.5
  • Hip Band 38cm Pink/Blk
    289 left in stock
    Was $20.00 $7.5
  • Elastic Hip Band 42cm Blue/Black
    169 left in stock
    Was $20.00 $7.5
  • Hip Band 42cm Pink/Blk
    105 left in stock
    Was $20.00 $7.5
  • NC Microfibre Gym Towel
    807 left in stock
  • Squat Rack – Independent V2
    19 left in stock
    Was $495 $346.50
  • Aerobic Step Risers Pair
    81 left in stock
  • Low In Stock
    Weight Plate Storage Tree Small
    Only 6 left in stock
  • Out Of Stock
    Foam Utility Pad
    Out of Stock
    Was $120.0000 $95
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plates in Camo V2 5kg Pair
    Out of Stock
    Was $62 $43.40
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plate Camo V2 10kg Pair
    Out of Stock
    Was $109 $76.30
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plate Blue Camo V2 20kg Pair
    Out of Stock
    Was $218 $152.60
  • Out Of Stock
    Kettlebell PRO Grade 2 x 8kg Competition Set
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    Tactical Weight Vest – Plate Carrier
    Out of Stock
    Was $195 $135
  • Out Of Stock
    Timer Remote
    Out of Stock
    Was $45 $20
  • Out Of Stock
    Chin Up Bar – Wall Mounted
    Out of Stock
    Was $200 $165
  • Out Of Stock
    Kettlebell PRO Grade 4kg-20kg + Stand
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    Kettlebell Master Set 4kg-32kg + Stand
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Customer Reviews

NC Fitness Australia

Customer Reviews

James Devlin 01/07/23

Bought a sled, turf and belt squat from NC Fitness. Service was great and build quality is good. The belt squat and sled were easy to assemble and the staff helped with loading it all into my vehicle. I will be buying more products from here in the future for sure 👍

Scott Comber 21/09/22

Bought some rubber mats and plates, prices were competitive and its nice to be able to rock up and just load into the back of your car.

Friendly staff.

Julian 06/09/22

NC Fitness
These are good quality bumper plates for the price and cope well for CrossFit style WODs where weights are constantly dropped.
NC Fitness also have excellent customer service nothing is too hard for them.

Tracey Pianta 27/03/22

NC Fitness
Best investment in a long time I have a lot of knots in my shoulders and I suffer from sciatic pain as well this has helped me so much. My friends have used mine and have ended up purchasing the ball as well. Best investment in a long time.

Gabe Athouse 11/12/21

Great quality stuff ordered skipping rope and a box jump and came quicker then expected. They also sent me some extra goodies which I was very happy with

Brett Nicholas 12/11/21

I've made 3 different purchases from NC Fitness, collecting one order in person, while shipping the other two orders. The quality of their products is fantastic, while their pricing is competitive. I have plenty of rogue fitness equipment too and the NC stuff is equal in build strength, quality and finish - though more affordable. I've brought dumb bells, plyo box, H-Series rig components etc. Their freight rates and shipping times are fair, given the weight of the products shipping. Keep up the great work team!

Aleksandra Gutowska 02/12/21

Amazing quality equipment and incredible customer service! I was on the hunt for a high quality belt squat machine and these guys delivered just that. Ordered and it was ready for pick-up a few days later. I ran into some hiccups with being able to pick it up, but the team at NC Fitness swooped to the rescue and delivered the parts free of charge. I could not recommend NC Fitness more! Thank you for helping me take my garage gym to the next level!!

Piga Charma 20/12/20

Really impressed with NC Fitness. Good Service and very reasonable prices. Products back in stock dates are genuine unlike other online retailers, who advertise false ETA and blame overseas shipping . I recently ordered some weight plates and a FID Bench. The quality is really good, exceeded my expectation.
Gym and Fitness (Force USA) on the other hand have doubled their prices to take advantage of this COVID Lock down.
Keep up the good work NC Fitness. Will highly recommend.

Lucy 11/10/21

Very efficient! I Ordered my weights on Tuesday arvo and received them Wednesday morning before 9. Thank you so much!

Samantha Beasly 12/09/21

I was after some dumbells as so many places were sold out and these guys offered such a big range at a great price! Plus they were despatched and delivered in under 2 x days! Absolutely great service and definitely will be ordering again! Thankyou guys!
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