Given the choice between a solid dumbbell and a thin rubber resistance band, you might be hard pressed to choose the resistance band. However, resistance bands are versatile products and a vital piece of gear for those looking to maximise their gains.

When using resistance bands you have a full range of motion, which utilises muscles that are otherwise missed when using free weights. This allows you to target muscles that often go neglected.

As highly portable pieces of gear, resistance bands are also great for keeping up with your routines when travelling. It’s far easier to pack a set of bands than to put weights in your luggage.

With a range of strengths and lengths, bands can benefit anyone – from beginners to seasoned gym junkies. Below we’ll outline some great ways to include resistance bands in your schedule.

Add extra resistance

Incorporating bands into your regular free weight routine is a great way to maximise your efforts.

For example, when using a 12-inch band with a bench press you can increase the amount of force you’re exerting – amplifying the output of each rep.

The same goes when deadlifting or doing any other free weight based exercises. Try it for yourself and see if you notice the difference.

If you’re after bands that complement free weight exercises, the NC Fitness folded band set is ideal for your needs, and features three pairs of bands with varying resistance levels and widths.

Increase your stretch

Much like with weights, you can integrate resistance bands into your stretches to make the most out of your effort. Because bands are versatile pieces of equipment they are ideal for a range of stretches across your body, including legs, hips, chest and back.

Even if you aren’t the most athletic person out there, stretching with a resistance band before or after a workout is a great way to warm up or down and increase flexibility.

And if you’re into yoga (which is a great form of exercise to include in your schedule), you can also integrate a resistance band into your stretches to up the difficulty.

When it comes to choosing a resistance band for stretches, larger bands are best, making the NC Fitness’ 7mm resistance band a great option.

Body resistance exercises

For those looking to use resistance bands as the focus of the workout and not to supplement other routines, they can be used for a whole range of total body exercises.

You can use bands for bicep curls, chest presses, bench presses, rowing, squats, chin ups, pull ups and more. This makes them a vital piece of gear when on the move. It’s like having a mini gym all in one easily transportable piece of equipment.

For those wanting to change the level of resistance, different thicknesses offer up a level of resistance that suits your needs. If you’re after a higher resistance exercise, the NC Fitness heavy assist chin-up/pull-up set is a great package.

If you’re in Melbourne you’re welcome to visit our studio and try our range of resistance bands for yourself. In the meantime you can view our full range of NC Fitness bands and band accessories by clicking here.