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Looking for a Supplier of Hi Temp Bumper Plates in Australia

One of the major drawbacks of a busy gym is the noise factor. There’s nothing more guaranteed to pull you out of the zone than the clang of metal on the gym floor and it can certainly be jarring to the nerves when you drop a steel plate. Even worse, the traditional old steel plates could cause untold damage to the gym floor.

A Great Alternative to Steel Plates

We sell some of the most competitively priced hi-temp bumper plates in Australia, and they are a great alternative to the old clunky steel or iron weight plates. Made with repurposed vulcanised rubber, they minimise the impact on the floor, with a lot of flex and bounce, which also means they do not make any unpleasant noise as you drop them. Furthermore, because the rubber is recycled, you can feel good about working out in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.

What to Consider When Buying Your Hi-Temp Bumper Plates

In addition to the virtues of hi-temp rubber detailed, one of the things that makes it such a good material to use is its incredible durability. Bumper plates, by their nature, are designed to be used aggressively. They are often used by professional and Olympic weightlifters in moves such as the snatch and the clean-and-jerk, which makes them the most likely of weights to be dropped during a training session. Some have suggested that hi-temp rubber is almost indestructible, which is why it is used so often in professional settings.

But as well as durability there are a few considerations you should make when choosing your weights. These are:

  • What stage are you at in training? If you are just starting out it is worth trying out our 5kg weights first so you can build up your technique before going for the big ones.
  • What kind of gym are you buying for? If you are looking to stock a commercial gym or a private gym you should consider buying one of our sets – this will save you money in the long run.
  • What kind of floor will you be using them on? Even though hi-temp bumper plates significantly reduce the impact on your floor, you should always use a professional gym matt to lessen the damage caused by weightlifting.
  • Where will you store your weights? No-one likes to stub their toe on plate weights, so consider investing in one of our wall-mounted or free-standing plate racks.

For every one of these considerations, we’ve got the solution. Our high-temperature bumper plates are on offer between 5kg and 25kg per weight and can be bought as part of a set – not to mention our high-performance barbells on which you can mount them.

Order Your Hi-Temperature Bumper Plates Online

You are only a few clicks away from ordering your hi-temp plates. Whilst you might be tempted to buy inferior products at lower prices, keep in mind that these bumper plates will last you for years and years of even the most aggressive of weightlifters.

We’re so proud of our bumper plates that we offer them under our 14-day guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied within two weeks of your purchase, we’ll offer a refund! You’ll also be pleased to find that we have all kinds of payment options and plans to make the purchase easier for you.

Order yours now and they will be with you in a matter of days!

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  • Kettlebell PRO Grade 2 x 8kg Competition Set
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  • Bumper Plate Coloured Set 100KG
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  • Bumper Plate Coloured Set 150KG
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  • Bumper Plates Set 100KG -All Black Rubber
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  • Bumper Plates Set 150KG -Black / White Print
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  • Bumper Plates Set 100kg Black Rubber – Colour Print
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  • Bumper Plates Set 150KG -Black Rubber (with colour print)
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  • Bumper Plate 2 x 5kg All Black Rubber
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  • Bumper Plate 2 x 10kg All Black Rubber
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  • All Black Bumper Plate 2 x 15kg Black Rubber
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  • Bumper Plate 2 x 20kg All Black Rubber
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  • Bumper Plates 2 x 25kg All Black Rubber
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  • Bumper Plate 2 X 5kg Black Rubber with Colour Print
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  • Bumper Plate 2 X 10kg Black Rubber with Colour Print
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  • Bumper Plate 2 X 15kg Black Rubber with Colour Print
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  • Bumper Plate 2 X 25kg Black Rubber with Colour Print
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Customer Reviews

NC Fitness Australia

Customer Reviews

Tracey Pianta 27/03/22

NC Fitness
Best investment in a long time I have a lot of knots in my shoulders and I suffer from sciatic pain as well this has helped me so much. My friends have used mine and have ended up purchasing the ball as well. Best investment in a long time.

Gabe Athouse 11/12/21

Great quality stuff ordered skipping rope and a box jump and came quicker then expected. They also sent me some extra goodies which I was very happy with

Brett Nicholas 12/11/21

I've made 3 different purchases from NC Fitness, collecting one order in person, while shipping the other two orders. The quality of their products is fantastic, while their pricing is competitive. I have plenty of rogue fitness equipment too and the NC stuff is equal in build strength, quality and finish - though more affordable. I've brought dumb bells, plyo box, H-Series rig components etc. Their freight rates and shipping times are fair, given the weight of the products shipping. Keep up the great work team!

Aleksandra Gutowska 02/12/21

Amazing quality equipment and incredible customer service! I was on the hunt for a high quality belt squat machine and these guys delivered just that. Ordered and it was ready for pick-up a few days later. I ran into some hiccups with being able to pick it up, but the team at NC Fitness swooped to the rescue and delivered the parts free of charge. I could not recommend NC Fitness more! Thank you for helping me take my garage gym to the next level!!

Piga Charma 20/12/20

Really impressed with NC Fitness. Good Service and very reasonable prices. Products back in stock dates are genuine unlike other online retailers, who advertise false ETA and blame overseas shipping . I recently ordered some weight plates and a FID Bench. The quality is really good, exceeded my expectation.
Gym and Fitness (Force USA) on the other hand have doubled their prices to take advantage of this COVID Lock down.
Keep up the good work NC Fitness. Will highly recommend.

Lucy 11/10/21

Very efficient! I Ordered my weights on Tuesday arvo and received them Wednesday morning before 9. Thank you so much!

Samantha Beasly 12/09/21

I was after some dumbells as so many places were sold out and these guys offered such a big range at a great price! Plus they were despatched and delivered in under 2 x days! Absolutely great service and definitely will be ordering again! Thankyou guys!

Mathew Aitken 21/07/21

My eyes came across the NC weight plates within a local fitness business and I loved the camo design and aesthetic. I visited the website and they were having a sale on the plates I was after!

Ordered that night and collected the following day, it was confirmed and ready almost immediately! Impeccable service, very happy with the product.
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