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Rubber Bumper Weight Plates

Black Bumper plates are the functional pieces that make up barbells. Used with a bar or alone, they are the backbone of many weight lifting routines.

Our range of black bumper plates is a stylish and resilient addition to your studio or home setup.

Buying Rubber Bumper Weight Plates for Your Gym

Bumper plates are an important part of any weightlifting regime. Most bumper plates utilise a rubber coating so you can work out safely without damaging the weights or the floor. Sometimes you might need to drop from overhead, and with dense rubber, you have significantly reduced personal risk. Additionally, if most of your workout is going to focus on lifting, bumper plates are indispensable, especially if you perform exercises like squats or snatches.

Our rubber bumper weight plates are of the highest quality, made with the best materials, and carefully designed. They are available in all kinds of different weight standards, so whatever stage you are at, whether you are just learning about weightlifting or even if you are training for the Olympics, you’ll find what you need in terms of bumper weights. We supply gyms all over Australia with NC Fitness plates – Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart.

Where to start?

Any good weight trainer knows you must build up to the higher weights. Before you buy your bumper plates, take a moment to think about what kind of weights you are going to need.

Are you investing in weights for a commercial gym, or are you just looking to supplement a new exercise regime? Maybe you’ve got some kids who you want to get into weight training, or maybe you are overcoming an injury and want to build up strength.

Our range starts with our Black Rubber Bumper Plates weighing 5kg each. They can come with or without a funky colour strip and are made of high-quality black virgin rubber. This rubber is incredibly dense compared to some cheaper dense and can bounce dangerously if dropped. These particular weights would be ideal for anyone wanting to learn a bit about technique while building strength or someone getting back into weight training after some time away.

Other sets we sell go up by 5kg at a time.

However, if you buy a complete set and want to save a little money, you don’t have to buy each set separately. We also offer packages.

This includes our Bumper Plates Set, which has a total of 150kg included, and a Barbell. This is made up of the following:

  • 2 x 5kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x 10kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x 15kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x 20kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x 25kg Bumper Plates

All are made from virgin black rubber which can be either a white or coloured print to identify the different weight classes.

Three key factors to consider:

  • materials
  • construction 
  • function  

On most websites, they all look quite similar. But what you really want to know is how well they’ll work and how they’ll look after six months or six years of usage. With so many various sorts of bumper plates flooding the market, comparing them online may be difficult. To assist you in determining which bumpers are appropriate for you, let’s take a look at the three elements described above: materials, construction, and function.

Materials used for Weight Plates

For practical fitness training, Vulcanized, virgin rubber bumper plates are the way to go. That’s where we’ll begin with Virgin rubber bumper plates for functional fitness training.

The colour, quality, and type of the bumper plates are determined by the type of rubber they’re made from. They use fresh rubber that hasn’t been recycled or used before. As a result, there are no polymers, adhesives, or bonds in the base material during production.

Clean, high-quality plates begin with a clean source. The lower grade plates will start as a mélange of industrial chemicals from who knows where. However, don’t mix up this information with recycled rubber plate makeup, which we’ll discuss in a minute. You want virgin rubber plates if you’re searching for high-quality everyday plates.

The second piece of the puzzle is vulcanised rubber, which plays a critical role in high-quality plates. Vulcanised rubber has been chemically bonded by the addition of sulphur, which improves the durability of the chemical chains in the rubber. Consider all of the tough rubber that you encounter daily, such as car tyres, shoe soles, hoses, and so on. The best sort of bumper plate is made of vulcanised rubber, which is what you want in a bumper plate.

Bumper plates made of recycled rubber aren’t the end of the world, either.

However, recycled rubber bumper plates have their place. There are a few advantages: They are ecologically beneficial, and you can frequently use recycled rubber plates for outdoor activities.

Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates are one of the most durable plates available. Because of the recycled rubber shavings and polymer bonding chemicals, they are typically quite dense and have a very low bounce. This is because it includes a combination of recycled rubber shavings and polymer binding agents. To guarantee that the polymer chains link and the connection holds, these materials are combined and pressed for a longer period than most bumpers.

Another point on recyclable rubber bumpers – These materials usually result in damper or quieter-sounding bumper plates. So, if you’re training in an area where the noise of falling bumper plates bothers you and your neighbours, Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates may be the answer.

Bumper Plates for Training and Competition

If you want the best materials, then Training Plates and Competition Bumper Plates are what you’re looking for. You’re receiving the greatest quality Vulcanised Virgin Rubber, produced to IWF and IPF standards.


This is something we’ve previously addressed in the materials area, so there’s no need to go into detail. The greatest indicator of excellence these days is social proof. If a brand has good coaches, gyms, and athletes who have supported them for a long time, you can be confident that you’ll receive a high-quality set of bumper plates.

If a company has been in the functional fitness industry for ten years or more and is yet one of the sector leaders, you can be sure that they are making decent gear. They have given excellent equipment to the market and community, which has led to long-term client loyalty to keep them afloat.

Buying Options

You’ll be pleased to find we offer easy ways to pay or split your payment with Afterpay and ZipPay if you aren’t sure you can afford it immediately.

Take a look at our products to see options for each item and rest assured that once you order from us, you won’t go anywhere else for your weightlifting needs! We also offer a 14 Day Money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

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  • Bumper Plate 2 X 25kg Black Rubber with Colour Print
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Customer Reviews

NC Fitness Australia

Customer Reviews

Tristan Kassis 04/01/24

Ordered 11am Thursday and recieved 20 slam balls for my gym the following day at 4pm. Unbelievable service and delivery time. Would highly recommend 👌

Within an hour of purchase I had a phone call and e mail with a tracking number to follow.

Stephen Davey 21/11/23

Helpful staff, seemed like a good range of fitness gear at reasonable prices.

Sarah Huan 21/11/23

NC has some of the best dumbbells I have ever used! Awesome quality and they feel great in my hands.

James Devlin 01/07/23

Bought a sled, turf and belt squat from NC Fitness. Service was great and build quality is good. The belt squat and sled were easy to assemble and the staff helped with loading it all into my vehicle. I will be buying more products from here in the future for sure 👍

Scott Comber 21/09/22

Bought some rubber mats and plates, prices were competitive and its nice to be able to rock up and just load into the back of your car.

Friendly staff.

Julian 06/09/22

NC Fitness
These are good quality bumper plates for the price and cope well for CrossFit style WODs where weights are constantly dropped.
NC Fitness also have excellent customer service nothing is too hard for them.

Tracey Pianta 27/03/22

NC Fitness
Best investment in a long time I have a lot of knots in my shoulders and I suffer from sciatic pain as well this has helped me so much. My friends have used mine and have ended up purchasing the ball as well. Best investment in a long time.

Gabe Athouse 11/12/21

Great quality stuff ordered skipping rope and a box jump and came quicker then expected. They also sent me some extra goodies which I was very happy with

Brett Nicholas 12/11/21

I've made 3 different purchases from NC Fitness, collecting one order in person, while shipping the other two orders. The quality of their products is fantastic, while their pricing is competitive. I have plenty of rogue fitness equipment too and the NC stuff is equal in build strength, quality and finish - though more affordable. I've brought dumb bells, plyo box, H-Series rig components etc. Their freight rates and shipping times are fair, given the weight of the products shipping. Keep up the great work team!

Aleksandra Gutowska 02/12/21

Amazing quality equipment and incredible customer service! I was on the hunt for a high quality belt squat machine and these guys delivered just that. Ordered and it was ready for pick-up a few days later. I ran into some hiccups with being able to pick it up, but the team at NC Fitness swooped to the rescue and delivered the parts free of charge. I could not recommend NC Fitness more! Thank you for helping me take my garage gym to the next level!!
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