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Rubber Bumper Weight Plates

Bumper plates are the functional pieces that make up barbells. Used with a bar or alone, they are the backbone to a lot of weight lifting routines.

Our range of black bumper plates are a stylish and resilient addition to your studio or home set-up.

Need to Buy Some Rubber Bumper Weight Plates for Your Gym?

Bumper plates are an important part of any weightlifting regime. Most bumper plates utilise a rubber coating so that you can work out in safety, without damaging the weights or the floor. Sometimes you might need to drop from overhead, and with dense rubber, you have significantly reduced personal risk. Additionally, if the majority of your workout is going to focus on lifting, bumper plates are indispensable, especially if you are going to participate in exercises like squats or snatches.

Our rubber bumper weight plates are of the highest quality, made with the best materials and designed with care. They are available in all kinds of different weight standards, so whatever stage you are at, whether you are just learning about weightlifting or even if you are training for the Olympics, you’ll find what you need in terms of bumper weights.

A Glimpse of Our Weight Bumper Weight Plates

Any good weight trainer knows that you have to build up to the higher weights. Before you buy your bumper plates take a moment to think about what kind of weights you are going to need.

Are you investing in weights for a commercial gym or are you just looking to supplement a new exercise regime? Maybe you’ve got some kids who you want to get into weight training or maybe you are overcoming an injury and want to build up strength.

Our range starts with our Black Rubber Bumper Plates weighted at 5kg each. They can come with or without a funky colour strip and are made of high-quality black virgin rubber. This rubber is especially dense as opposed some of the cheaper dense can end up bouncing dangerously if dropped. These particular weights would be ideal for anyone wanting to learn a bit about technique while building strength or someone getting back into weight training after some time away.

Other sets we sell go up by 5kg at a time.

However, if you are going to buy a complete set and want to save a little money, you don’t have to buy each set separately. We also offer packages.

This includes our Bumper Plates Set which has a total of 150kg included. This is made up of:

  • 2 x 5kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x 10kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x 15kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x 20kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x 25kg Bumper Plates

All are made from virgin black rubber which can be either a white or coloured print to identify the different weight classes.

Buy Your Rubber-Made Bumper Weights Today!

You’ll be pleased to find we offer easy ways to pay or split your payment if you aren’t sure you can afford it straight away. Take a look at our products to see options for each item and rest assured that once you order from us, you won’t go anywhere else for your weightlifting needs!

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  • Bumper Plate Camo Pair 10kg
  • Bumper Plate Camo Pair 15kg
  • Bumper Plate Camo Pair 20kg
  • Bumper Plate Camo Pair 25kg
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    Bumper Plates Set 100KG -All Black Rubber
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    Bumper Plates Set 150KG -Black / White Print
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plates Set 150KG -Black Rubber (with colour stripe)
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  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plate 2 X 5kg Black Rubber with Colour Stripe
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plate 2 X 10kg Black Rubber with Colour Stripe
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plate 2 X 15kg Black Rubber with Colour Stripe
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plate 2 X 20kg Black Rubber with Colour Stripe
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plate 2 X 25kg Black Rubber with Colour Stripe


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