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Bumper plates are the functional pieces that make up barbells. Used with a bar or alone, they are the backbone to a lot of weight lifting routines.

Our range of black bumper plates are a stylish and resilient addition to your studio or home set-up.

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  • Bumper Plates HT 150Kg + Bright Zinc Bar Set

    Bumper Plates HT 150Kg + Hard Chrome Bar Set

    Was From $630 From $630

    Bumper Plates Set 100KG -All Black Rubber


    Bumper Plates Set 150KG -All Black Rubber

  • Bumper plate black-150 2

    Bumper Plates Set 150KG -Black Rubber (with colour stripe)

  • ÿØÿá§Exif

    Bumper Plate 2 x 5kg Black Rubber

  • ÿØÿáJExif

    Bumper Plate 2 x 10kg Black Rubber

  • ÿØÿá¡Exif

    Bumper Plate 2 x 15kg Black Rubber

  • ÿØÿáExif

    Bumper Plate 2 x 20kg Black Rubber

  • ÿØÿásExif

    25KG Bumper Plates Pair in Black

  • NC-ECO-ALLBLACK-05.211

    Bumper Plate 2 x 5kg All Black Rubber

  • NC-ECO-ALLBLACK-10.220

    Bumper Plate 2 x 10kg All Black Rubber

  • NC-ECO-ALLBLACK-15.229

    All Black Bumper Plate 2 x 15kg Black Rubber

  • NC-ECO-ALLBLACK-20.236

    Bumper Plate 2 x 20kg All Black Rubber

  • Low In Stock

    Bumper Plates 2 x 25kg All Black Rubber

  • 2.5kg bumper

    Technique/Bumper Plates 2 x 2.5kg



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