We are always told that a balanced diet is essential for healthy weight and to ensure you’re getting the right nutrition.


Junk food, sweets and fatty foods – these are generally frowned upon as they don’t have enough nutritious ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle. Balance and moderation are important for overall health.

Certain foods and habits are much more effective at helping you build muscle, lose fat and get stronger. If you’re starting out on a weights or fitness regime, it pays to fuel your body with the right stuff!

As a general rule, follow these tips* for ensuring you’re giving your body the best opportunity to be at its best in the gym and in life!

Vegetarians and vegans who are exercise enthusiasts needn’t miss out on protein. There are plenty of alternatives for people who don’t eat animal products.

Food healthy vegetables

These include beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, milk (soy/almond for vegans), soy beans, whole grains, vegetables, protein powder.

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*Advice is generic in nature only. See your doctor for more comprehensive advice.