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The Finest Australian Gym Chains on the Market

If you’ve clicked on this page, it most likely means you’re either a dedicated lifter or are looking for gym equipment for dedicated weightlifters. You’ve been training your major and stabilizing muscles to work together to perfection, and you’ve steadily increased your lifting weight, rep numbers, and set numbers with some combination of dedication, stubbornness, patience, and lots of sweat. Now, you’re looking to overcome a very annoying weight hurdle because you know you can do better than that, and you’re not going to let a lack of high-quality equipment stop you.

That’s where we at NC Fitness Gear come into the picture. With our range of slam balls, climbing ropes, strength machines, dumbbell sets, gym chains, and more, we look to cater to fitness enthusiasts and gym owners all across Australia. We hope to retain our customers with our extensive range of items for sale as well as our ability to install them, and we can handle complete fitouts for whatever gym you need within any budget you have. Plus, if you’re a gym owner or personal trainer, we offer special benefits for you! Finding quality gym equipment locally without breaking your bank shouldn’t be such a chore; our founders, a personal trainer and boxer, understand that just as personally as our customers do.

How do Gym Chains Work?

You’ve probably heard that gym chains are the go-to item for weightlifters who have seemingly plateaued and have something to say about it. That’s true! Weightlifting chains, when properly incorporated into your lifting exercises, can help you push past your “sticking point.” But what are the details there?

Weightlifting chains are designed to improve the velocity of your lifting reps gradually, allowing you to lift faster and therefore avoid becoming stuck at any point. They work with the strength curve of your muscles to help counteract the resistance curve of the exercise and the weights, and they also add some more intensity, too. Your exercise also applies greater tension on your muscles for longer. It’s also worth noting that using these chains will give the opposing muscles in your lifting exercise less of a workout, so they’re best used in moderation.

Our Australian gym chains currently come in two sizes and weights, starting at $60 for a pair. They’re high-quality, guaranteed to last, and they’ll help you train past your sticking point, guaranteed!

Our Weightlifting Chain Guarantee

But if the weightlifting chains aren’t what you’re looking for, you need only make sure they’re not damaged and keep the original packaging to benefit from our return policy! If you send back an item in its original packaging and without any damage after 14 days of arrival, we’ll offer you a refund for the product! While we can’t cover any costs you might pay to ship the item back to us, we won’t force you to keep equipment that’s not right for you.

Get in Touch for Industry-Leading Weightlifting Chains

If you’d like to set up a gym or discuss financing options, we’re happy to take your call at 1300 855 667. For any basic enquiries, please fill out our enquiry form. You’re also welcome to our showroom at 21 David Lee Road, Hallam VIC 3803.

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