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How Heavy Can You Lift?Test Your Strength with Olympic Bumper Plates from NC Fitness Gear

Weightlifting is not just for bodybuilders – more and more people are incorporating weights into their fitness plans to tone, build muscle and improve health. If you are looking to add some weight to your workouts, you might be considering using standard or Olympic bumper plates with a barbell – and that is where we can help.

NC Fitness Gear is your one-stop-shop for all thing’s fitness – born out of our love for exercise and the lack of decent gear locally. We want to provide the athletic communities of Australia with equipment that is premium quality at the best price – and our range of Olympic-style bumper plates are exactly that.

To find out more about what Olympic bumper plates are and how they can improve your lifts, we have put together this handy guide.

What are Olympic Bumper Plates?

When it comes to weight training, there are so many types of weights – and they are all known by slightly different names. Understanding the best type for you can be complicated unless you know what each type is for.

  1. Standard

Standard weight plates have a 1” diameter hole and are made for standard bars. The weight plates fit snugly, and won’t wobble about, but they are typically restricted on the amount of weight they can handle – and standard weight plates will not fit on an Olympic bar. This means that if your end goal is to lift heavy, a standard bar and plates will not keep up with your training.

  1. Studio/Specialised

For classes like Les Mills, specialised or studio plates are created to be used during the session. These are typically smaller than other weight plates, often have handles or grips on the plate itself, and are used with a much shorter bar.

  1. Olympic

Olympic weight plates have a 2” diameter hole and are made to fit on the rotating sleeve of an Olympic bar. These weights are usually more stable and versatile, with greater precision on the weight or each plate. Olympic bars can handle significantly more weight than standard bars – and most squat racks are built for the longer length of an Olympic bar.

Olympic-style bumper plates can be competition, technique, rubber-coated or a combination of all three; here at NC Fitness Gear we know the importance of protecting the lifter as well as the floor and the equipment itself, so we favour the rubber-coated Olympic bumper plates for our clients.

Everything You Need for Olympic Weightlifting

Alongside our range of Olympic bars and Olympic bumper weights, we also have a range of storage options. Whether you are working out at home or setting up a brand-new fitness studio, having the right storage solutions can make all the difference to keep your space organised and protect your equipment when it is out of use. From weight plate storage in a toaster rack to barbell racks, our range is made to be functional.

Don’t forget all the other options that can make the most of your weight training. Lift safely with the right collars and add some grip with weightlifting chalk. What about expanding your workout with a range of moves by adding a squat rack or a weight bench? You really can make the most of your lifting with us – find out why we are the home of Olympic bumper plates in Australia and get yours today.

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