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Professionally designed and manufactured parallettes simulate the parallel bars found in professional gymnasiums, but are lower to the ground and are ideal for portable fitness, CrossFit and other group training. They are similar to push-up or dip bars and are perfect for all levels of fitness, particularly for those wishing to develop strength through using their own body weight.

Lat sits, vertical sits (v-sits, or isometric holds), swing-throughs, hand stand pushups and presses are some of the exercises you can do on parallettes, as well as other core and leg strengtheners. Parallettes are also good for general conditioning.

Buy a pair of parallettes today and enjoy the convenience of being able to take your fitness regime with you anywhere you go!

Professionally made parallettes are available to buy in pairs from our NC Fitness store in Hallam, Melbourne. Or shop online and enjoy our great customer service with shipping throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart or anywhere across Australia.

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