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Need to Buy a Wall Mount Bumper Plate Rack for You Weights?

At times, putting together a home gym can be a complicated affair, especially if you are looking at quite a wide range of exercises. Very quickly, even a professional gym can become crowded and accessibility can suffer. You lose floor space rapidly and, unfortunately, safety can end up taking a back seat – the very last place it needs to be!

Thankfully, we offer strong, easily installed wall mount bumper plate racks so you can keep your gym tidy and safe. Not only are wall-mounted racks generally more secure and stable but they also keep a larger area of the gym floor free for other gym equipment. Furthermore, it is possible to combine your rack with a wall-mounted rig so you can make full use of your wall space.

Our Wall-Mounted Bumper Plate Rack

Like all of our products, our Wall Mount Weight Plate Tree is designed to be secure and structurally sound. Installed correctly it can hold up to 100kg per post, more than enough for most gyms. It has a total of three posts per unit which means it can carry a staggering 300kg overall. What’s more, it is a simple installation and is incredibly compact.

To summarise:

  • 3 posts that hold up to 100kg (a total of 300Kg).
  • Can hold Olympic size 50mm plate size.
  • Will hold plates on all three at the same time.

They don’t take up much room, so if you are building a professional gym you can buy a few of them and be able to accommodate many more bumper plates.

Similar Products

As your gym grows you may want to combine your racks with some of our rigs as well. Not only are they great for storage but can be combined with exercise equipment as well. Our wall-mounted rigs include:

  • X-Series WM4-Short Wall Mount Rig.

Like our Wall Mount Weight Plate Tree, this unit is compact and doesn’t take up too much room. It consists of a squat rack area so you can stow your loaded barbells when you need to rest, and a pull-up station when the rack isn’t being used. It is designed to accommodate different levels of overhead structures and can be adjusted to suit your room.

  • X-Series WM14-CR Wall Mount Rack with Centre Rise.

This will suit gyms which are made to accommodate more than one person. It consists of two squat racks areas and a central rise for pull bar and ring exercises. It has two adjustable components for your comfort and safety – J hooks, which can be adjusted to heights between 600mm and 1850mm, and the pull-up bar which can be adjusted by 100mm at a time.

If you find you do have floor space to spare for other bumper weight plate racks, you might also take a look at our Olympic Plate Weight Trees or Toaster Racks. All are made with the same strong materials as those listed above and are an affordable option for any gym.

Buy Your Wall Bumper Weight Plate Racks Today!

Whatever kind of gym you have, whatever equipment you need, our storage solutions are yours at the click of the button. Let us help you make your gym safe, comfortable and accessible today.

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