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If you haven’t challenged yourself to a rope climb, now’s the time to start. A rope climb requires every muscle in your body, making it a demanding and rewarding way to boost your fitness.

The need for functional movement has regenerated the art of training with ropes. Our climbing ropes are a great fit for a range of venues, from CrossFit affiliates to functional training gyms to gymnastics centres. The ends of all NC Fitness climbing ropes are secured with heavy-duty polyester boots to help them stand up to the rigours of your gym. An industrial-grade metal clamp can be added to one end to facilitate a secure point or for attachments to build hand strength. Our Australian climbing ropes are available in 4 metres and 7 metres in a variety of colours and widths.

Check out the gym climbing ropes we have for sale online, ready for prompt delivery across Australia. Or you can test them out at our Melbourne showroom. You’ll be on the ropes in no time! Read More

Buy a Climbing Rope in Australia from the Finest Providers

When we started NC Fitness Gear back in 2012, our biggest motivation was one very simple piece of common sense: dedicated fitness shouldn’t be region locked. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy good gear locally, and you shouldn’t have to buy ridiculous bulk deals from overseas just to get one decent set of barbells or a single reliable gym climbing rope. If you’re a personal trainer, gym owner, or fitness enthusiast in Australia, gearing up should be as simple and affordable as anywhere else. Common sense, right?

Before NC Fitness Gear started, that just wasn’t possible in most of the country. So, we decided to make fitness easier for every passionate Australian out there. That’s why we carry an immense line of gym gear, deliver countrywide, and offer plenty of sales throughout the year on some of our stock. We also have an experienced staff available for hire to install anything you order from us, whether it’s at your home gym or your business. Quality fitness should be accessible to everyone, and we want to be a big part of making that a reality.

What will a Climbing Rope do for You?

A solid climbing rope isn’t only useful to you when you’re halfway up a cliff face! This bit of gym equipment can do wonders for your upper body:

  • By timing yourself while climbing and gradually speeding up, you’ll build stamina.
  • If you’re looking to work on your stabilization, the climbing rope is a dream come true. A pull-up does require some stability with each rep, but with a free hanging rope, your stabilizing muscles are doing a lot more work, and they’re gaining coordination in the process.
  • You’ll strengthen your core muscles. Anyone fitness savvy will tell you that you can never work out your core muscles too much. It’s always wise to train opposing muscle groups equally, and the opposing muscles to your abs, your back, are almost always engaged in some way.
  • And speaking of your back, your upper back and lateral muscles will be seriously challenged too. These muscles are supporting much of your entire body weight while you work to keep steady.
  • Last but certainly not least, your grip strength vastly improves! Grip strength is beneficial in many other exercises involving heavy weightlifting as well.

The Best Climbing Ropes For Sale in Australia

If you’re looking to buy a proper climbing rope in Australia, look no further. We carry several models of varying diameter and length, but all of them are tipped at both ends with heavy polyester for durability and reliable securing. Our shortest climbing rope starts at only $75!

With all these benefits of climbing in mind, it’s worth noting that climbing is a bit more unpredictable that many other, more controlled workouts. Climbing can be especially dangerous for inexperienced trainees or for people testing their limits climbing to the top, so it’s absolutely essential to always have ample padding on the floor surrounding your climbing rope in the event of a fall.

Your Gym Climbing Rope is Only a Few Clicks Away

If you want something versatile and challenging for your home gym, this item is perfect for you; if you want a new option at your business, your most passionate gym members will thank you!

For any enquiries, please fill out our quick online form to get in touch with a representative. If you’d like to call us, the number is 1300 855 667. You can also come see us and test out some equipment before purchasing at 21 David Lee Road, Hallam VIC 3803.
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