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If you haven’t challenged yourself to a rope climb, now’s the time to start. A rope climb requires every muscle in your body, making it a demanding and rewarding way to boost your fitness.

The need for functional movement has regenerated the art of training with ropes. Our climbing ropes are a great fit for a range of venues, from CrossFit affiliates to functional training gyms to gymnastics centres. The ends of all NC Fitness climbing ropes are secured with heavy-duty polyester boots to help them stand up to the rigours of your gym. An industrial-grade metal clamp can be added to one end to facilitate a secure point or for attachments to build hand strength. Our climbing ropes are available in 4 metres and 7 metres in a variety of colours and widths.

Check out the gym climbing ropes we have for sale online, ready for prompt delivery across Australia. Or you can test them out at our Melbourne showroom. You’ll be on the ropes in no time!

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