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Train Like a Pro with Olympic Bar and Bumper Weights

Thanks to the popularity of training programs like CrossFit and classes like Les Mills Body Pump, weightlifting is no longer seen as just for bodybuilding – and with our range of Olympic bar and bumper weights, you can get all the benefits of lifting weight at home.

Here at NC Fitness Gear, we know what is important to the fitness community we serve – because we are all personal trainers or fitness enthusiasts. Our extensive knowledge of exercise equipment makes us the number one place to find all the gear you need – whether you are looking for a yoga mat, want to kit out your home gym, or you are a fitness pro ready to fit out an entire gym.

Our team are on hand to help, so if you are looking to add Olympic bumper weights and bars to your training regime, we can offer you a range of options.

What is An Olympic Bar?

The Olympic sport of weightlifting gives competitors the opportunity to prove how heavy they can lift in just one go. The competition is split into different weight classes, and each entrant gets three lifts with the combined total of the top two lifts taken to ascertain the overall position in the competition.

Olympic weightlifting tests the explosive strength of competitors with two types of lift. Each lift is executed quickly, with a wider range of motion than other strength classes, and have slightly different set ups:

  • Snatch

The snatch is a single motion move with a wide grip. The aim is to lift the bar from the floor above the head in one move.

  • Clean and Jerk

The clean and jerk is a two-step move with a narrow grip where the barbell is first raised to collarbone height (the clean) and then pushed up above the head (the jerk).

The clean and press used to be an Olympic lift but is no longer an active part of the competition.

With the right Olympic bar and bumper weights, you can perform these ballistic moves as part of your training regime, but it is important to understand what an Olympic bar is.

An Olympic bar is a steel bar with rotating sleeves at either end for the weights to be attached. Competition bars are 7.2ft for men and 6.6ft for women, weighing 20kg and 15kg, respectively. Here at NC Fitness Gear our Olympic bars and bumpers are a standard 7ft long with weights of 10/15/20kg. The weights themselves have a larger diameter hole to fit on the Olympic bars, and the rotating sleeve allows the weights to spin independently which is safer for the heavier lifts.

Find the Right Olympic Bars and Bumpers at NC Fitness Gear

We are always conscious of the importance of safety, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good, too. That is why we have Olympic bars and bumpers in different finishes so that you can choose what works best for you. Our bars come in: hard chrome, bright hard chrome, black hard chrome and black zinc, and our bumpers are rubber coated for safety.

Push your limits and get your Olympic bar and bumper weights from NC Fitness Gear today – and take advantage of our knowledge and experience for all your exercise equipment needs.

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