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From the days of the schoolyard activity to being an incredibly affective cardio tool, the humble skipping rope brings many benefits.

At NC Fitness our range of skipping ropes includes ball bearing ropes, speed ropes, bearing ropes, double under ropes, triple under ropes and underwater ropes. Available in a range of colours and styles, our skipping ropes are great for individual fitness or for use in group circuit training.

Ropes with bearing handles are designed so you don’t get any twists in the rope, making your workout a better experience. We also stock premium speed ropes, made from thin coated wire that ensures maximum speed.

At NC Fitness we pride ourselves on extremely fast handling and shipping to each and every order. View online or drop in to see us in our Hallam, Melbourne shop. Skip to it now and add variety to your workouts. Don’t forget we also have zipPay now too!

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