Missing the gym right now? You’re not alone. As gyms all over the world close their doors for an unknown period of time, those who are grateful to still have their health are admittedly feeling lost over how to maintain their fitness routine without their happy place.

Whether you’ve found yourself without a workout routine, have lost access to fitness equipment, or can’t leave your home, there are still plenty of options to reach peak levels of fitness.

Think Opportunity, Not Excuses

A lack of gym access isn’t an excuse to stop working out. People were moving their bodies long before gym memberships existed. This is a time to acknowledge that you’re incredibly lucky to be able to exercise at all. 

That said, it’s still a tough feeling to lose such an important part of your daily life, even if it is temporary. So shift your perspective to use this time as an opportunity.

Now is your chance to take the time to change up your fitness routine and experiment with new ways of working out. Will you rise to the challenge?

Assess Your Options

There are so many different workout programs and training styles available to help you become a fitness weapon at home. Let’s take a look at some of the options.


Love cardio? You can still get a great workout in with nothing more than a skipping rope. This is the perfect tool for HIIT, or a cardio circuit with bodyweight plyometric moves (bonus points if you can get your hands on a box).

YouTube also has infinite free workout videos, from HIIT to aerobics or even dance choreography. 

Or if you’re really committed, invest in a cardio machine. Spin class in front of the TV, anyone?


Being stuck inside doesn’t mean you’re about to lose all your gains. It doesn’t even mean you have to give up lifting.

You can still get a pump on at home with a home setup or even minimal equipment. That’s exactly why we put together our home equipment packages, with tiers for every level.

Let’s say you can’t bear the thought of going one day without touching a barbell, have some budget set aside to invest, and room to set up a dedicated workout space at home. You could get by with a bar and some plates, or go all out and grab a box and some kettlebells, too.

Don’t forget that you can often swap out the barbell for dumbbells, if that’s all you have access to. Just increase your reps if a lack of plates means you’re lifting lighter.

Can’t get your hands on any weights? You have two options here: substitute with items around the house (like heavy water bottles), or switch it up with bodyweight training. Check out our post here on the equipment we recommend for doing bodyweight workouts at home.

Shift Your Priorities

Unless you’re blessed with a full home setup, you’re going to need to change up your fitness goals. That deadlift PB may have to wait.

Consider focusing on performance and skill over the numbers. You might be able to squat an impressive amount of weight, but can you do a dragon squat? Is this the excuse you’ve been waiting for to master those challenging yoga poses, like crow? Can you do the splits?

Remember, it’s not a setback. It’s an opportunity to become a callisthenics ninja, an advanced yogi, or finally convert your spare room into the home gym of your dreams.

Bonus Tips

  • Prioritise protein. This will help you to maintain any muscle you’ve worked so hard to build in the gym.
  • Follow the experts. Whether it’s a programmed home workout routine or follow-along YouTube videos, you don’t need to take on the responsibility of creating your own workouts. There are plenty of options available.
  • Get creative with equipment. Use dumbbells in place of a barbell, bench hop your outdoor setting, or squat with your labrador.
  • Build the habit. Just as it took some time to train your brain to crave the gym, you’ll also have to convince your inner bro that your living room/garage/yoga mat on your bedroom floor is a workout space now. It’ll take time, but soon it’ll be business as usual.