When it comes to ultimate fitness dreams, most people fantasise about one of two things: having a personal nutritionist, chef and trainer, or building a home gym. While unlimited access to a personal team of fitness professionals would be a professional-athlete-level dream come true, building a home gym is the one fantasy that’s actually attainable.

Granted, building your own gym at home is a big commitment. For one, it requires enough money and space. And unlike signing up to a new class or gym, it’s a relatively permanent decision.

Contemplating building your own home gym? We’ve helped kit out countless gyms, both public and private, so we know all about the pros and cons. Take a look at everything you need to consider before you take the plunge.

The benefits of building a home gym

Building your own home gym can seem like the more expensive option, but if you have the space, it might actually be more cost effective in the long run.

This is largely dependent on a few factors: how much you pay for your gym membership, how often you go, and the equipment you use. 

For example, if you only use free weights, you might be better off buying a set of dumbells, barbells and a power rack for home use.

Only go to the gym and use one or two cardio machines? Look into buying a cardio machine (such as a bike or rowing machine) for your house. This also takes up a lot less space than an entire fitout.

A home gym is also a great option for lovers of home fitness programs. Whether it’s a paid program or free YouTube workouts, all you need is the right equipment and your laptop and you’re ready to work out in privacy.

Practicalities aside, home gyms are also the perfect solution for introverts and germophobes. We get it— the gym can be gross, and other people can be annoying.

Not to mention there’s no excuse to skip a workout when the gym is in your house. Car problems? Bad weather? Inconvenient opening hours? If you have time to walk to the couch and watch Netflix, you have time to smash out a quick workout.

Reasons you might want to stick to a gym membership

Sure, having a home gym seems like total goals. But it’s not an ideal situation for everyone.

The biggest barrier is space and money. You need enough space in your home to convert into a home gym (such as a spare room, basement, or garage), and the money for the fitout. That includes equipment, flooring, and installation.

But the financial commitment isn’t the only reason to hold onto that gym membership. A gym offers many facilities that your home setup probably can’t match. This can include things like classes, a pool, or qualified trainers who can help you out with form (or a spot). 

The social support of a gym also goes beyond having someone on hand to lift a barbell off your chest when you fail your chest press PR attempt. For some people, the gym is a place to socialise and find community. The closest you’ll get to this social aspect with a home gym is inviting people over to workout at your house (which, granted, can be super fun).

Whether you want to grab a few dumbbells for your bedroom or are looking for a complete home gym, NC Fitness creates products that benefit every athletic lifestyle. We specialise in gym fitouts and can help you create the home gym of your dreams. Ready to start the exciting process? Get in touch and let’s make it happen!