2019 is upon us, and with it comes an influx of wonderful and bizarre fitness trends. Some of these are the workouts you know and love but completely reimagined, while others are totally cutting-edge.

Before you discredit any of these trends as a fleeting fad, just remember how many trends from the past are still hugely popular today. You might not see many people doing aerobics anymore, but workouts like Crossfit and even HIIT aren’t slowing down in popularity since they first started trending. Not to mention they’re a great way to get excited about getting fit all over again!

Ready to get ahead of the curve with this year’s fitness trends?

Online fitness classes

As our schedules become busier and every part of our lives become more based around our phones, the way we access our workouts has had to evolve. Enter the online fitness class. From live classes via webcam to program-based apps that can be used anytime, anywhere, working out has never been more convenient. So no, you can’t use being late to your gym’s 6am Body Attack class as an excuse to skip your workout.

Most online fitness classes and programs have the added convenience of being suitable to be done at home— no gym membership required! All you’ll need is a yoga mat and maybe even some dumbbells. How easy is that?

Yoga with a twist

2018 was obsessed with everything from drunken yoga to yoga with goats, but we’re going to see the focus return to fitness for 2019.

No longer will you have to worry about not having an hour set aside to get your flow on. Express yoga classes are rising in popularity, with short 15 minute sessions held in studios and parks across the world.

Power yoga is going to get taken to a whole new level with HIIT yoga— that’s yoga performed as intensely as possible. It’s a strange approach to something as gentle as yoga, but hey, it’s better than doing burpees!

Expect to see more classes focused on specific ailments, too. Even classes that aim to help reduce period pain are becoming more common.

Lab-designed workouts

Not sure what the best training style is for you? Let science decide! Companies are offering people the opportunity to test their DNA and receive custom, lab-designed workouts. The workouts are based on your genetics and are supposed to give you a biological edge to achieving your fitness goals.

Boutique classes and studios

We all know how hard it is to find a gym that ticks every box on your long list of requirements. The right equipment? An amazing class timetable? Personal training?

The search can seem impossible, so it’s little wonder more and more people are turning to boutique studios that are really niching down. Think Crossfit, except with every possible combination of workouts

People are now paying top dollar for specialty studios that offer everything from reformer pilates to barre to rowing classes— yes, that’s right, rowing classes.

The real selling point in these memberships is the coaching aspect. Studios that specialise in one or two workouts are able to train staff to be experts in their field, offering a personal training-style approach to their classes.

More focus on recovery

Good news: working out every single day is out, and rest days are in. Okay, so we’ve known that rest days are essential to not just recovery, but actual muscle growth too. However, there’s going to be a big shift in focus to rest and recovery as an essential part of a fit lifestyle.

Sleep quality, mindfulness and even mental health are going to be top priority for many gym-goers, which is probably one trend everyone can get behind.

Post-workout cool downs are also going to be kicked up a notch thanks to the addition of mobility equipment such as foam rollers. You haven’t lived until you’ve worked out those sore muscles on a spiky massage ball!

Still wondering how you can get ahead of this year’s fitness trends? Reach out to the NC Fitness team today and get recommendations on the newest and best fitness equipment.