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From the days of the schoolyard activity to being an incredibly effective cardio tool, the humble skipping rope brings many benefits.

At NC Fitness our range of skipping ropes includes ball bearing ropes, speed skipping ropes, bearing ropes, double under ropes, triple under ropes and underwater ropes. Available in a range of colours and styles, our skipping ropes are great for individual fitness or for use in group circuit training.

Ropes with bearing handles are designed so you don’t get any twists in the rope, making your workout a better experience. We also stock premium speed ropes, made from thin coated wire that ensures maximum speed.

At NC Fitness we pride ourselves on extremely fast handling and shipping to each and every order. View online or drop in to see us in our Hallam, Melbourne shop. Skip to it now and add variety to your workouts. Don’t forget we also have zipPay now too! Read More

A Variety of Quality Skipping Ropes Available Locally

If you’re a fitness enthusiast or business owner looking to expand your home gym or membership gym, you obviously want the most durable and efficient items possible. If you’re in Australia, however, that can be prohibitively expensive. A few years ago, many of us had to source these items internationally, at which point you’re having to buy more than you actually need. What do you then do with the extra equipment you didn’t need but paid for anyway?

We at NC Fitness Gear saw that gap in the market and looked to fill it with affordable, locally available gym equipment and fitout services for fit Australians. Thanks to our massive stock, variety, and countrywide delivery, you no longer need to waste money buying in bulk or hassle yourself reselling extra items. Thanks to our reasonable return policy, you can return undamaged equipment in its original packaging for a refund. And thanks to NC Fitness Gear’s founders being a boxer and a personal trainer, you have our guarantee that anything we sell is something we ourselves would confidently use in our training. So, if you’re looking for a solid skipping rope to add to your routine, you’ve found the right vendor!

Customise Your Skipping Rope To Match Your Style

Many of us enjoy accessorizing our equipment when we’re at home or at the gym, so our speed skipping ropes are available in plenty of colours to suit your style. Each one comes with a convenient, tasteful pouch for easy transport and storage. If you’re buying several to stock your gym for your patrons, we also offer a wall-mounted hanger for easy access. Plus, our 10 Pack offer on these items is an excellent offer your patrons will thank you for!

If you’re looking for endurance and comfort in your skipping routine, our Accelerator Speed Rope is designed to be light and easy on the wrists without losing any speed or intensity. Meanwhile, for maximum speed to really kick into high gear, our incredibly light and thin-wire Speed Rope Version 02 will have you nailing triple unders in no time. If you’re looking for a medium weight skipping rope that allows you to dictate your perfect pace, our Demon Speed Rope will suit you just right. All of these skipping ropes are made using durable, thin, bare cables suitable for padded gym floors or smooth wooden floors, but if you’re look for a more durable item that can be used on any surface, our basic covered cable skipping rope with covered handles is here for you at just $14!

Looking for Speed Skipping Tips & Tricks?

If we only cared about selling, we would have been out of business years ago. We provide fitouts, safety warnings, and returns because we want to make sure you’re getting the workouts you want with our products. That’s why we have our blog too! If you’re struggling to stay motivated, we’ve written a post about New Year’s resolutions; if you’re looking for healthy snacks and ways to fight cravings, we’ve covered both those topics. If you’re looking into a possible fitness myth, we might have busted it for you already!

Contact Us For More Info Info On Our Skip Ropes

We’re happy to help! Please fill out the brief enquiry form under Contact Us or call 1300 855 667. Our showroom is located at 21 David Lee Road, Hallam VIC 3803, if you’d like to test out some equipment.
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    Speed Rope Version 02 – 10 Pack
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  • Speed Skipping Rope – GREY – Version 02
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  • Cable Skipping Rope With Bearing Handles
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    Speed Skipping Rope – PURPLE – Version 02
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    Speed Skipping Rope – GREEN – Version 02
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  • Speed Rope Wall Hanger
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  • Demon Speed Rope In Green
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    Demon Speed Rope In Black – Jump Rope
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  • Aluminium Handle Speed Skipping Rope
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  • Speed Skipping Rope – Camo Red
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  • Speed Skipping Rope – Camo White
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  • Speed Skipping Rope – Camo Yellow
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    Accelerator Speed Rope In Pink
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