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In fitness, the health and functionality of your core areas are the keys to success. Many people tend to use more of their back than their abs when training, and this can compromise form. Our ab-mats are designed to keep your back supported as you work your abs, so you don’t compromise your form or results, and you work on your entire core at the same time. It’s great to have a toned tummy, but your back needs to be balanced and supported as you work out.

Ab-mats help you with your balance, agility and core strength, while our ab-wheel is designed to keep that six-pack in shape.

View our range of ab-mats and the ab wheel online, or drop in to our premises in Hallam for a closer look. Ideal for group fitness, CrossFit or for your own personal home gym, you can rely on the quality and durability of NC Fitness ab-mats and wheel. We also offer zipPay now so you can enjoy now, pay later.

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    Abdominal EVA FOAM Back Mat
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