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NC Fitness Gear – the Best Place to Buy Weights Online in Australia.

If you are looking for ways to improve your strength, then working out at home is a great way to reach your goals faster. Finding the best place to buy weights online in Australia can be confusing, but here at NC Fitness Gear, we have a wealth of experience and expertise available to help you make the best decision for your needs.

NC Fitness Gear is an Australian family-owned business that was born out of our own need for great fitness equipment at reasonable prices – importing from abroad enabled us to acquire the incredible gear we needed, and we wanted to share that with the athletic community in our beautiful country. This means that however you choose to buy weight training equipment, whether online or in our Victoria shop, you will have access to our knowledge as well as our outstanding range of gear.

Choosing the right kind of weights to suit you is a personal decision – but with a whole range of plates, barbells, kettlebells, and related accessories available online at NC Fitness Gear, you will find what you need.

What Type of Weights are Available for Sale in Australia?

With such a lot of choice, it can be overwhelming for you if you are new to lifting weights. How do you shop for weights in Australia and make the right decision on what to invest in? The easiest distinction to make is how you are planning on using them.

For some people, powerlifting and Olympic lifting is the way they choose to improve their strength. For these activities, we offer a range of Olympic barbells. These come in different lengths and weights – we even have one that is suitable for children – and in a range of finishes as well. Bright hard chrome offers a beautiful shine, while the black zinc is more of a matt effect. We also have trap bars and Swiss bars to complete your collection.

In terms of Olympic weight plates, they are specially made with an Olympic size centre hole (51mm) and are rubber coated for durability. Available in pairs from 1.25kg up to 25kg, they offer adaptable training options to suit everyone.

Our Olympic, Swiss and trap bars can also be used with our range of coloured, black, and premium bumper plates too – with a huge weight range to choose from. Available in pairs and sets, these bumper plates offer a flexible answer to your home (or commercial gym) workout needs.

Alongside the barbells, we have several options for dumbbells too. Popular in use during weight training, they also offer a way to add resistance to various other workout styles like dance fitness and cardio – so finding the right dumbbells can transform your workouts.

Available in pairs or sets, the PVC Coated Dumbbells are brightly coloured to identify their weight, and available in 1kg – 6kg. For those who like the strength and durability of a hexagonal dumbbell, our range of Rubber Hex Dumbbells go up to 50kg, so they are suitable for almost every type of workout. The Quickbell offers a one-click weight change option, a speedy way to move between weights during a workout without losing the flow; great for HIIT classes or pyramids. If you run a gym or fitness studio, our Commercial PU Dumbbells are sturdy and reliable – and depending on your needs, they can even be personalised as part of your fit-out.

Don’t forget the accessories when you buy weight training equipment. Here at NC Fitness, we can help with storage, racks, and rigs – so we really are the perfect destination for you when you are looking for weights for sale in Australia.

Shop in Confidence with NC Fitness Gear

Our range has grown from our never-ending search; locating the perfect piece of equipment at the right price for our valued customers is a lifelong mission. What that means for you is that you can shop with confidence when you choose NC Fitness Gear to buy weights online in Australia.

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  • Functional Trainer 6 Series
    10 left in stock
    Was $3500 $2750
  • Bumper Plate Coloured Set 100KG
    40 left in stock
  • Weightlifting Landing Pads
    11 left in stock
    Was $330 $247.5
  • Power Rack HD 80
    Only 4 left in stock
    Was $1990 $1750
  • Plyometric Boxes 3 in 1 Set
    17 left in stock
  • Platform Bamboo 2M X 1M X 15MM Pick up only
    255 left in stock
  • Olympic Barbell Staple Series Chrome Bar 20kg
    Only 5 left in stock
    Was $310 $124.00
  • Olympic Trap Bar Open End
    14 left in stock
    Was $295 $260
  • Cambered Squat Bar
    Only 10 left in stock
    Was $265 $195
  • Gym Sled Harness
    24 left in stock
  • Ab Wheel / Ab Roller
    78 left in stock
  • J-HOOKS for X-Series Racks & Cage Pair
    23 left in stock
  • Fixed Barbell Rack Double Sided
    35 left in stock
  • Wall Ball Bullet Proof 11kg 25lb
    18 left in stock
  • Wall Ball Bullet Proof 6kg 14lb
    22 left in stock
  • Wall Ball Bullet Proof 9kg 20lb
    41 left in stock
  • Wrist Straps Elastic Straps HD
    498 left in stock
  • Storage Pin for H-Series Racks
    141 left in stock
  • Low In Stock
    Weight Plate Storage Tree Small
    Only 6 left in stock
  • Gym Sled Pull Sled
    29 left in stock
  • Barbell Holding Rack HD9
    32 left in stock
    Was $280 $210
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plates Set 100KG -All Black Rubber
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plates Set 150KG – All Black
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    Bumper Plates Set 100kg Black Rubber – Colour Print
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    Olympic Childrens Training Bar 3kg With Red Sleeves
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    Olympic Childrens Training Bar 3kg With Blue Sleeves
    Was From $135.00 From $135
  • Out Of Stock
    Weightlifting Chains pair 120cm 6kg each
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    Utility Peg for Racks and Rigs
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    FZ-Series Back Extension
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    FZ-Series Bicep Curl Machine
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    FZ-Series Chest Press
    Out of Stock
  • Out Of Stock
    FZ-Series Prone Leg Curl
    Out of Stock


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Customer Reviews

NC Fitness Australia

Customer Reviews

Sarah Huan 21/11/23

NC has some of the best dumbbells I have ever used! Awesome quality and they feel great in my hands.

James Devlin 01/07/23

Bought a sled, turf and belt squat from NC Fitness. Service was great and build quality is good. The belt squat and sled were easy to assemble and the staff helped with loading it all into my vehicle. I will be buying more products from here in the future for sure πŸ‘

Scott Comber 21/09/22

Bought some rubber mats and plates, prices were competitive and its nice to be able to rock up and just load into the back of your car.

Friendly staff.

Julian 06/09/22

NC Fitness
These are good quality bumper plates for the price and cope well for CrossFit style WODs where weights are constantly dropped.
NC Fitness also have excellent customer service nothing is too hard for them.

Tracey Pianta 27/03/22

NC Fitness
Best investment in a long time I have a lot of knots in my shoulders and I suffer from sciatic pain as well this has helped me so much. My friends have used mine and have ended up purchasing the ball as well. Best investment in a long time.

Gabe Athouse 11/12/21

Great quality stuff ordered skipping rope and a box jump and came quicker then expected. They also sent me some extra goodies which I was very happy with

Brett Nicholas 12/11/21

I've made 3 different purchases from NC Fitness, collecting one order in person, while shipping the other two orders. The quality of their products is fantastic, while their pricing is competitive. I have plenty of rogue fitness equipment too and the NC stuff is equal in build strength, quality and finish - though more affordable. I've brought dumb bells, plyo box, H-Series rig components etc. Their freight rates and shipping times are fair, given the weight of the products shipping. Keep up the great work team!

Aleksandra Gutowska 02/12/21

Amazing quality equipment and incredible customer service! I was on the hunt for a high quality belt squat machine and these guys delivered just that. Ordered and it was ready for pick-up a few days later. I ran into some hiccups with being able to pick it up, but the team at NC Fitness swooped to the rescue and delivered the parts free of charge. I could not recommend NC Fitness more! Thank you for helping me take my garage gym to the next level!!

Piga Charma 20/12/20

Really impressed with NC Fitness. Good Service and very reasonable prices. Products back in stock dates are genuine unlike other online retailers, who advertise false ETA and blame overseas shipping . I recently ordered some weight plates and a FID Bench. The quality is really good, exceeded my expectation.
Gym and Fitness (Force USA) on the other hand have doubled their prices to take advantage of this COVID Lock down.
Keep up the good work NC Fitness. Will highly recommend.

Lucy 11/10/21

Very efficient! I Ordered my weights on Tuesday arvo and received them Wednesday morning before 9. Thank you so much!
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