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Rubber Hex Dumbbells in Australia

People who lift know the benefits of using weights! NC Fitness rubber hexagon-shaped dumbbells have comfortable handles ensuring better grip and improved durability. As anyone who’s been in a gym knows, it can be noisy when everyone’s clanging their weights around and the rubber coating on the dumbbells helps to reduce noise and wear-and-tear on your floors. These dumbbells won’t get away from you either as the hex-shaped ends ensure they won’t roll off the rack or along the floor. In smart black to suit any gym’s décor or for your home gym, our rubber hex dumbbells are an integral part of any gym fitout and help improve your tone, strength and overall fitness.

We stock the rubber hex dumbbells in 1kg to 10kg in 1kg increments, and 5 kg to 35kg in 2.5kg increments. Our dumbbells are sold in pairs and are easily available from our online store or drop by to our premises in Hallam, Melbourne to test them out.

NC Fitness Gear: The Best Place to Shop For Hex Dumbbells in Melbourne or Sydney!

Dumbbells are a great addition to every gym whether home or studio. More often than not, people prefer to train with hex dumbbells due to their practical benefits. The best place to buy hex dumbbells is right here at NC Fitness Gear.

We are proud to stock a comprehensive selection of dumbbells with weights ranging from 1kg all the way up to 50kg. Whatever your age or ability and however big your fitness space; our wide selection ensures that we can cater to every customer.

RubberHex Dumbbells Are Popular, Safe and Affordable

At most fitness spaces and home gyms, you will find dumbbells that are hexagonal in shape due to their desirable benefits. These pieces of equipment are:

  • More affordable than other dumbbells
  • Able to be used for a wide range of excises including floor exercises
  • Safer as their shape prevents them from rolling

At NC Fitness Gear, we supply hex dumbbells that are rubberised for additional protection and reduced noise. The hard-wearing rubber layer tends to best meet the needs of commercial gyms as they can withstand the volume of use. This layer also ensures that the flooring won’t get damaged during use and storage, which is a strong advantage in all fitness spaces.

High-Quality Products Delivered Right to Your Door

Our products are selected by a team of experts in the fitness industry. We stock only the highest quality hex dumbbells in Australia to ensure your workouts are powered by the best tools possible. Our foundation built by personal trainers, the team at NC Fitness Gear are knowledgeable, experienced, passionate and care about helping you to achieve your goals.

Offering fast shipping with every purchase, we ensure a timely transition from when you make your order to the day it is delivered. Customer satisfaction is our priority so if you are not happy with your purchase within the first 14 days, we will issue a refund upon the return of your order.

We Support You Throughout Your Fitness Journey

Whatever your ability, we are here to support you. Our extensive range of hex dumbbells are perfect for training all muscle groups and our fast shipping policy ensures that there is no delay.

Ordering your hex dumbbells from NC Fitness Gear ensures a smart, uniform collection that not only looks good but helps you to achieve results. As your collection grows larger, we have a variety of storage options to tidy and organise your space.

What Weight Will You Choose Next?

Are you ready to progress to the next level? The answer is always yes! Whether you are looking for personal use or to add and replace dumbbells in your studio gym, we have the dumbbells for you. Speak to a member of our team about the best suited products or browse our collection today.

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  • 3KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 4KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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    5KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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    6KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 7.5KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 8KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 9KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 15KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 17.5KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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    20KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 22.5KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 25KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 27.5KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
    56 left in stock
  • 30KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 32.5KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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  • 35KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell PAIR
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