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Olympic bumper plates are designed to be dropped. Used heavily in Olympic weightlifting and at many F45 training centres, box’s and functional training centres around the world, bumper plates can be dropped allowing you attempt olympic lifts safely.

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    Premium Black Bumper Plates Set 140KG

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    Premium Bumper Plates Set 140KG

  • Out Of Stock
    Technique/Bumper Plates 2 x 2.5kg Green

    Technique/Bumper Plates 2 x 2.5kg Green

  • 5KG-dual.4791

    Bumper Plates 2 x 5kg GREY

  • 10KG-dual.4800

    Bumper Plate 2 x 10kg Green

  • 15KG-dual.4809

    Bumper Plate 2 x 15kg Yellow

  • 20KG-dual.4826

    Bumper Plate 2 x 20kg Blue

  • 25KG-dual.4841

    Bumper Plate 2 x 25kg Red


    Bumper Plate Set 150KG

  • 5KG-FRONT.546

    Bumper Plates 5kg x 10 (50KG Total)

  • 10KG-FRONT.549

    Bumper Plates 10kg x 10 (100KG Total)

  • 15KG-FRONT.552

    Bumper Plates 15kg x 10 (150KG Total)

  • 20KG-FRONT.555

    Bumper Plates 20kg x 10 (200KG Total)

  • 25KG-front.558

    Bumper Plates 25kg x 10 (250KG Total)



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