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Bumper plates are an important feature at any gym or home set-up. Used in isolation or when paired with barbells, they are a great piece of kit. NC Fitness stock a range of colour bumper plates that not only look great, but are extremely durable, designed to be dropped and always perform well.

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  • nc_fitness_23

    Premium Black Bumper Plates Set 140KG

  • 31

    Premium Bumper Plates Set 140KG

  • 2.5kg bumper

    Technique/Bumper Plates 2 x 2.5kg

  • 5KG-dual.4791

    Bumper Plates 2 x 5kg GREY

  • 10KG-dual.4800

    Bumper Plate 2 x 10kg Green

  • 15KG-dual.4809

    Bumper Plate 2 x 15kg Yellow

  • 20KG-dual.4826

    Bumper Plate 2 x 20kg Blue

  • 25KG-dual.4841

    Bumper Plate 2 x 25kg Red


    Bumper Plate Coloured Set 100KG


    Bumper Plate Coloured Set 150KG

  • 5KG-FRONT.546

    Bumper Plates 5kg x 10 (50KG Total)

  • 10KG-FRONT.549

    Bumper Plates 10kg x 10 (100KG Total)

  • 15KG-FRONT.552

    Bumper Plates 15kg x 10 (150KG Total)

  • 20KG-FRONT.555

    Bumper Plates 20kg x 10 (200KG Total)

  • Low In Stock

    Bumper Plates 25kg x 10 (250KG Total)



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