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Slam Ball 45kg

Slam Ball 40kg BLUE



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Slam Ball 40kg BLUE

40 kg Slam Ball – Melbourne’s best prices on Slam Balls.

Our slam balls are designed to survive even the toughest workouts and will help you unleash your power! This Balls’ textured, rugged surface is thick and easy to grip, while its durable rubber shell absorbs the impact from every dead bounce you make.

Our slam ball’s no bounce design can be used in dead ball workouts, slamming, cross-training throw downs and traditional medicine ball exercises. In addition to being used for high-impact throwing and slamming, the slam ball can be used to do overhead presses, lunges, squats and sit-ups. If you have a partner, you can also do abdominal work as well as overhead & chest passes through rotation variations.

It’s a slam dunk!

Get rid of some aggression by taking out your anger on the slam ball. It’s designed to take your abuse – and then some!

  • High-intensity workout for the entire body!
  • Easy-grip surface
  • Benefits all athletes
  • Great for various exercises
  • Unleash your power:
  • Durable rubber shell

Does not bounce and also known as a dead ball.

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