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Our pro grade kettlebells are uniform in size and shape, so whether you buy a 4 kilogram pro grade kettlebell or a 32 kilogram kettlebell, they’ll have the same feel when you use them. These kettlebells are commercial quality and are used in gyms and homes around Australia.

They’re available in 4-32 kilograms in two kilogram increments, and each pro grade kettlebell comes with a stainless steel handle. The benefit of stainless steel is that the handles will remain in good condition and won’t be discoloured by rust, even if they’re constantly called into action at your gym.

They’re easy to use and store, and whether you want to lose weight, tone up, improve your fitness or get stronger, kettlebell training can help you achieve your goal.

Browse and buy our pro grade kettlebells online and enjoy fast shipping across Australia. You can also visit us if you’re in Melbourne and test our range of equipment before you buy.

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  • 4KG-iso.4411

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 4kg Elite Competition Style

  • 6KG-iso.4420

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 6kg Elite Competition style

  • 8KG-iso.4943

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 8kg Elite Competition style

  • 10KG-iso.4952

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 10kg Elite Competition style

  • 12KG-iso.4959

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 12kg Elite Competition style

  • 14KG-iso.4968

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 14kg Elite Competition style

  • 16KG-iso.4977

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 16kg Elite Competition style

  • 20KG-iso.4986

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 20kg Elite Competition style

  • 24KG-iso.4995

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 24kg Elite Competition style

  • 28KG-iso.5004

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 28kg Elite Competition style

  • 32KG-iso.5015

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 32kg Elite Competition style

  • 4KG+8KG+12KG-front .693

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 4kg + 8kg + 12kg Set

  • Kettlebell PRO Grade 4kg-20kg Set

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 4kg-20kg Set

  • Low In Stock
    Kettlebell PRO Grade 4kg-20kg + Stand

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 4kg-20kg + Stand

  • Low In Stock
    4-32 KG +RACK-Camera 1.731

    Kettlebell Master Set 4kg-32kg + Stand

  • 8+10+12 KG-front .678

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 8kg + 10kg + 12kg Set



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