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Store your kettlebells safely and in style with a specially designed rack. Our range of kettlebell storage options caters for all purposes, whether you’re fitting out a full-scale gym or fitness centre or your own private home gym. We have stands and racks that will easily hold your kettlebell collection, and they look great too!

Our modular racks hold a range of functional fitness items, including weights, kettlebells, deadballs and more. Or you can choose a dedicated piece of equipment such as our 2-tier kettlebell rack – a great option at an affordable price. So once you’ve bought all your kettlebells, be sure to choose NC Fitness for the right storage option!

Buy online or drop in to our showroom in Hallam, Melbourne for a closer look, or call us for further information about our range of kettlebell storage options. We also offer the convenience of using zipPay so you can buy now, pay later.

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    Modular Rack 1

  • Low In Stock

    Modular Rack 2

  • X04-0101-00-08-E-Isometric-1.140

    Modular Rack 9

  • X04-0101-00-06-E-Isometric-1.128

    Modular Rack 8

  • X04-0101-00-07-E-Isometric-1.134

    Modular Rack 7

  • X04-0101-00-09-E-Isometric-1.146

    Modular Rack 6

  • X04-0101-00-01-E-Isometric-1.104

    Modular Rack 3

  • X04-0101-00-02-E-Isometric-1.110

    Modular Rack 4

  • X04-0101-00-03-E-Isometric-1.116

    Modular Rack 5

  • 2 Tier Kettlebell Rack

    2 Tier Kettlebell Rack

  • Kettlebell PRO Grade 4kg-20kg + Stand

    Kettlebell PRO Grade 4kg-20kg + Stand

  • 4-32 KG +RACK-Camera 1.731

    Kettlebell Master Set 4kg-32kg + Stand



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