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Weight Sleds & Gym Sleds

Push and drag your way to new fitness territory through the use of an NC Fitness weight sled. You’ll build strong and lean leg muscle, improve your explosive power and develop a strong cardiovascular system with the assistance of this simple and effective equipment.

Just add Olympic weight plates to the sleeve of the gym sled for a workout that’s tailored to your fitness level and goals. Push the sled or pull it forwards or backwards for different workouts, and attach straps or a harness to unlock more exercise options.

Our weight sleds are suitable for use at home, at a gym, or somewhere in between. We have sleds made from thick flat plate steel, making them perfect for parks and roads.

Browse and purchase our sleds and accessories online and enjoy prompt shipping Australia-wide. You can also visit us at our Melbourne showroom and test drive one before you buy.

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  • Gym Sled Harness
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    Gym Weight Sled & Harness
    Gym Sled Prowler and Harness
  • Out Of Stock
    Gym Weight Sled
    Gym Weight Sled 4 Post
  • Out Of Stock
    Gym Sled Pull Sled
  • Out Of Stock
    Gym Sled With Harness
    Gym Sled With Harness


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