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If you need to train strongman, you need the right equipment. We are big believers in training with the appropriate equipment, and when it comes to strongman training, we believe it becomes even more important, as you are lifting serious weight.

Our wide range of strongman equipment is built tough, it’s suitable for various fitness levels and it will help you make the strength gains you’re looking for. These products can assist you in adding explosive power and strength, improving your core and cardiovascular system and building lean muscle.

We offer equipment with the versatility necessary to handle your strongman training needs. Included in the NC Fitness range are a variety of slam balls, gym sledge hammers and a competition-grade strongman yoke — we’ve got you covered for success on the Australian strongman scene.

Check out the strongman equipment we have for sale here, ready to be delivered promptly across Australia.

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  • Farmer's Walk Handles
    Farmer’s Walk Handles
  • Strongman Log 32kg
  • Strongman Log 45kg
  • Low In Stock
    Strongman Log 63kg
  • Circus Dumbbell
  • Out Of Stock
    Weightlifting Chains pair 180cm 10kg each
  • Low In Stock
    Weightlifting Chains pair 120cm 6kg each
  • Gym Sled Harness
  • Out Of Stock
    Gym Weight Sled & Harness
    Gym Sled Prowler & Harness **DUE EARLY FEB**
  • Out Of Stock
    Slam Ball 30kg
    Slam Ball 30kg BLUE
  • Out Of Stock
    Slam Ball 35kg
    Slam Ball 35kg BLUE
    Was $105 $52.5
  • Slam Ball 40kg BLUE
    Was $110 $55
  • Out Of Stock
    Slam Ball 45kg
    Slam Ball 45kg BLUE
  • Out Of Stock
    Slam Ball 55kg
    Slam Ball 55kg BLUE
    Was $135 $67.5
  • Out Of Stock
    Slam Ball 65kg
    Slam Ball 65kg BLUE
  • Slam Ball 75kg BLUE
    Was $170 $85


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