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Weight vests are heavy vests worn over the torso. They give various levels of resistance and can be weighted with weights to suit your fitness level and needs.

There are many benefits of wearing weight vests in strength training and aerobic activities. They increase your strength and endurance and bring variation to your workout. They also have big benefits for your cardiovascular health and bone strength.

At NC Fitness we pride ourselves on extremely fast handling and shipping to each and every order. View our range of weight vests online or drop in to see us in our Hallam, Melbourne shop. We stock our very own NC Fitness Pulsovest brand, fully adjustable and comfortable to wear.
We now have zipPay too so you can buy now, pay later. Why not make an in-vest-ment in taking your fitness to new levels with a weighted vest!

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  • Weighted Vest 15kg
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  • Weighted Vest 20 kg
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  • Tactical Weight Vest – Plate Carrier
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  • Tactical Weight Vest Plates 2.5Kg Pair
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  • Tactical Weight Vest Plates 4KG Pair
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  • Out Of Stock
    PulsoVest 10KG Weighted Vest (All Black)
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