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At NC Fitness we love boxing and understand that whether you’re just starting out, are a seasoned boxer or simply want to improve your fitness through boxing, the quality of your equipment is very important. As is staying focused!

A focus mitt is attached to a boxing glove as a padded and is used in combat sports, mixed martial arts and boxing, particularly for training.

We have a big range of focus mitts in store available in many colours, from blue to green and many colours in between! We also have Thai pads, round pads and curved kick pads to assist with fitness and training.

Visit NC Fitness today either in store at Hallam, Melbourne, online or give us a call to discuss your focus mitt needs. We also now offer zipPay for our customers. This makes it even more convenient for you to buy now, pay later. Read more online and buy today.

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  • Sale! Boxing-Round-Pad---Black_White__1_

    Round Pad 40cm (BLACK/WHITE)

    Was $65 $32.50
  • PRINT_25_copy.1

    Focus Mitts Curved NC Cowhide Leather Black

  • Out Of Stock

    Focus Mitts Curved NC Synthetic Red / White / Black

  • Focus Mitts Curved NC Synthetic

    Focus Mitts Curved NC Synthetic

  • NCFitness020

    Focus Mitts Curved NC Pink / White Synthetic

  • NCFitness021

    Focus Mitts Black / Green

  • Focus Mitts NC Synthetic Yellow

    Focus Mitts NC Synthetic Yellow

  • Out Of Stock
    Focus Mitts Synthetic Leather White

    Focus Mitts Synthetic Leather White

  • BoxingYellow

    Thai Pads Yellow NC

  • BoxingRed

    Thai Pads – Red

  • NCFitness022

    Thai Pads Black / Green NC

  • BoxingWhite

    Thai Pads White NC

  • KickPad

    Kick Pad Curved



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