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It’s known as the sweet science and it’s true that there’s more to boxing than just punching. Yes, boxing is about strength and endurance, but it’s also a sport in which it’s essential to find a perfect balance, the space between hitting and avoiding being hit at the same time.

Rocky Balboa trained by punching frozen meat carcasses, but he should have asked NC Fitness to fit him out with everything! We are big boxing enthusiasts at NC Fitness and have a range of boxing equipment that will enable you to knuckle down and be at your best in the ring!

Boxing bags, boxing gloves, speed balls and essential headgear feature in our range, as well as focus mitts, wraps and coaching equipment. You’ll be sure to find the right equipment to help you with your training and really pack a punch next time you pull on the gloves.

Visit NC Fitness today either in store at Hallam, Melbourne, online or give us a call to discuss your boxing equipment needs. Do you know we also offer zipPay too? Making it even more convenient for you to buy now, pay later.


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