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Need to get a handle on your cable weight equipment? We can help, of course! We have the right accessories to go with tricep push down, revolving curl bar and lat bar cable machines. Built tough for regular use, our cable machine accessories are priced to suit all budgets and will perform with reliability too.

For tricep push down cable machines we have a comfortable push down attachment that is easy to grip for a full tricep workout. The revolving curl bar attachment also has easy-grip handles for complete bicep and tricep workouts on a cable machine, while the lat bar cable attachment is for those important lat muscle workouts. We also have single handle cable attachments, rope cable attachments and heavy duty cable attachments mainly used for back rows and a little wider than the ā€œVā€ attachment.

Browse through our extensive range of commercial cable machine accessories and give us a call or email if you have any questions. Or pop in to see us at our shop in Hallam, Melbourne.

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  • Out Of Stock
    T-Bar Row Bar Attachment
  • Straight Tricep Push Down Cable Attachment
  • Out Of Stock
    Tricep Push Down Cable Attachment
  • Out Of Stock
    Revolving Curl Bar Attachment
    Revolving Curl Bar Cable Attachment
  • Lat Bar Cable Attachment
    Lat Pull Bar Cable Attachment
  • D-Handle Lat Bar Cable Attachment
  • Cable Attachment Single Handle
  • Out Of Stock
    Single Tricep Rope Cable Attachment
  • Tricep Rope Cable Attachment
    Tricep Rope Cable Attachment
  • Out Of Stock
    Cable Machine Back Row Attachment
  • Out Of Stock
    “V” Cable Attachment


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