New year, new you— new diet? This time of year is wrought with the false promise of a new diet that will change your life and body, but these food trends aren’t all negative. A new diet craze can make you excited about healthy eating and help you to discover new recipes and food hacks that can have real benefits on your fitness.

Need a little boost for your New Year’s resolutions? Check out these new diet crazes and get ready to level up your meal prep.


What if there was a way you could customise your diet based on your DNA? Good news: you can, thanks to a field of science known as nutrigenomics.

By taking the raw data from an ancestry-based DNA service and plugging it into a tool like Found My Fitness, you can see how your personal genetics might influence how your body responds to different foods, eating styles, macronutrient ratios and even workouts.

Nutrigenomics is still in its infancy, meaning there isn’t too much research yet into how reliable the recommendations are. But you might be surprised how well your body responds to a new science-based approach to nutrition.

Supercharged Food

Chocolate infused with medicinal mushrooms. Juice packed with brain-enhancing nootropic ingredients. Adaptogenic lattes to balance your cortisol. We’re seeing more and more foods that don’t just taste great, but are formulated to improve your health with every bite and sip.

This biohacker trend might seem a little extra, but it may also help you to think of the functional role of the food you eat. Besides, it’s fine to eat chocolate after working out if it contains amino acids, right?

Clean Keto

Forget all that cheese, bacon and butter. Keto’s had a makeover.

More and more people are adopting a ketogenic diet that focuses on whole, unprocessed foods. This new keto still includes plenty of fat, but favours olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.

This “clean keto” is a great option for salad lovers, paleo folk, or anyone who struggles to exercise self-control in the presence of all that cream and keto treats. 

Plus, the colourful dishes look way better on your Instagram feed than a brown-and-yellow concoction of beef mince and cheese.

Hidden Veggies 

Let’s be honest: if you don’t like the taste of vegetables you’re probably cooking them wrong. 

But if you still can’t stomach even a single stalk of broccoli, it might be time to jump on the new sneaky veggie trend.

Pasta made with more plants than grains. Pork sausages that also contain carrot. Green pancakes with some sneaky kale mixed into the batter. Smoothies blended with frozen cauliflower. It might sound unappetising, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to mix vegetables into your favourite foods without your tastebuds detecting a thing. Wouldn’t your mum be proud?

Healthified Snacks

Healthy eating is a breeze when you take the time to meal prep, but what about when you need an easy on-the-go snack? Thankfully, health food companies seem to have heard our hungry cries of anguish.

From soft drink sweetened with stevia to microwavable protein mug cakes, these healthier convenience foods allow you to still eat “clean” without having to prep everything yourself.

Sure, there’s no replacement for a proper home-cooked meal. But when you’re feeling desperate and tempted by the chocolate bars at the service station, it’s helpful to have a healthier alternative to choose from.

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