Box jumps are a staple of Crossfit workouts, and not only do they look like something a superhero would do, they are fantastic for your fitness.

How to do a box jump

To do a box jump you need to set a box to a height that matches your ability level – with a 3–in-1 Plyometric box you can easily configure it to a height that suits you.

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, you then need to enter a quarter squat, extend your hips and swing your arms to propel yourself onto the box. This will engage your hamstring and glutes. When landing you should land in a squat position, hold that position for a few seconds before standing upright and stepping back down.

As box jumps are an intensive exercise you should rest in-between sets, and do around 5- 10 reps per set.

What does a box jump do?

When you do a box jump you are improving the reaction of your fast twitch muscle fibres, building muscle strength and engaging your metabolic system, which helps with fat loss.

Doing a box jump engages your abdominals, glutes, hamstrings, hips and lower back – making them an excellent all round exercise.

As you become more adept at doing box jumps you can increase the height of the box to boost the output and the amount of muscle tissue you activate. To further increase the impact of a box jump you can jump with more force, which increases the amount of strength you allocate to the exercise.

What do I need?

The best part of box jumps is the simplicity involved, all you need is a box that can be fixed to the ground. At NC Fitness we stock a range of plyometric boxes, including coloured foam padded boxes, wooden varieties and versatile stacked options.