Battle Ropes

Combining exercise with something an incredibly energetic pirate might do, battling ropes are a great full body workout.

Putting an incredible amount of effort into a short period of time, battle ropes workout your legs, core and upper body. To make the most out of this piece of equipment there are a few pieces of advice that we’ll share with you for when you hit the ropes.

Keep on moving

Waving battling ropes up and down might look cool, but the key to getting the most out of this exercise is variation in motion. Moving the ropes side to side or in circular motions focuses on different parts of the body. Circular movement focuses on the shoulders, whilst side-to-side motion works the hip area. As with most exercises, it’s always good to keep some variety in your routines.

Irresistible exercise

The amount of slack in battling ropes dictates how much resistance you’re dealing with. Moving closer to the anchor point increases the intensity of the workout, and moving away reduces it. During sets you can alternate between moving further away and closer to the anchor to give your body a chance at recovery and to rest or increase the effort for certain areas of the body.

Take your ropes anywhere

The best thing about battle ropes is that they are rope. Yes, that may sound silly, but bear with us. Being rope, battle ropes are one of the easiest pieces of equipment to set up and pack away, so you can take your battle ropes with you anywhere. All you need is an anchor point, which can be a tree, a lamppost, or a bolted anchor in your home. Once you have somewhere solid to attach your ropes, you can fit in an intense workout.

Keep things quick

Battling ropes are easy to pick up, literally. Anyone can get great results from battle ropes in a short time. Whether it’s 10 minutes of half an hour, you will get a serious cardio workout that far surpasses the benefits of jogging in the same time period.

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of battle ropes, NC Fitness have a full range available in different lengths and thickness. NC battle ropes are also sure to never come apart due to their heavy duty nylon casings and sealed ends.