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Resistance bands are often used in the world of physiotherapy, for a range of exercises. Usually multi-level in terms of resistance, physio bands increase your range of motion and strengthen muscles. These stretching bands are used for rehabilitation exercises, often prescribed by physiotherapists and various fitness instructors.

Resistance or physio bands are versatile, effective, easy to use anywhere and are a budget-friendly option too. Colour-coded from red (light resistance) to blue (heavy resistance) you can choose the resistance band that suits you and your needs best. At such affordable prices it’s worth investing in a complete set of NC Fitness physio bands.

Pop in to see us at our Hallam, Melbourne store or give us a call to find out more about resistance bands and how they can help you in your fitness and strength training journey.

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  • Physio Band Complete Set
    58 left in stock
  • Physio Band X-Light 1.5kg Resistance
    185 left in stock
  • Physio Band Light 2.0kg Resistance
    163 left in stock
  • Physio Band Light-Medium 2.7kg Resistance
    113 left in stock
  • Physio Band Medium 3.5kg Resistance
    57 left in stock
  • Physio Band Medium-Heavy 4.5kg Resistance
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