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These slam balls are unbreakable! They will however help you build upper body strength, particularly in your arms, and improve your core balance. Perfect as part of any CrossFit regime, a deadball or slam ball is designed for throwing exercises and improving your strength.

NC Fitness deadballs, or slam balls, are available in black with the weight clearly identifiable. Starting at 4 kg up to a hefty 85 kg, your fitness journey can go from strength to strength with our slam balls. We also have a ball rack for sale, with three tiers providing plenty of space for all the slam balls in your gym.

Also known as medicine balls, slam balls or deadballs are very durable and they have a textured outer shell that makes for easier catching and gripping. The ball doesn’t bounce so it won’t roll away from you! Check out our range of deadballs for sale online now.

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    Slam Ball Elite 8kg Black
    Was $32.5 $22.1
  • Sale!
    Slam Ball 45kg BLUE
    Was $120 $84
  • Sale!
    Slam Ball 55kg BLUE
    Was $135 $94.5
  • Sale!
    Slam Ball 65kg BLUE
    Was $150 $105
  • Sale!
    Slam Ball 75kg
    Was $170 $119
  • Slam Ball 4kg BLACK
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    Slam Ball Elite 6kg Black
  • Slam Ball Elite 10kg Black
  • Slam Ball Elite 12kg Black
  • Slam Ball Elite 15kg Black
  • Slam Ball Elite 20kg Black
  • Slam Ball Elite 25kg Black
  • Slam Ball 30kg BLUE
  • Slam Ball 35kg BLUE
  • Slam Ball 40kg BLUE
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    Medicine Ball Rack 3 tier
    Medicine Ball Rack 3 tier


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