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Gymnastic rings are extremely useful for building upper body strength. Even though you have only seen them during the Olympics gymnastics events when professional gymnasts perform all sorts of amazing tricks and manoeuvres, gym rings are versatile gym tools for anyone wanting to dramatically improve strength, toning and muscle development in the upper and lower body.

A pair of timber Olympic rings set will support even the heaviest of loads. Wooden gym rings are a much better option for all movements that require maximum grip – at NC Fitness we have premium wooden gym rings to suit your needs.

Gym rings are great for professional athletes and beginners. You can perform a huge range of exercises working your entire body at the one time, including pull-ups, chin-ups and dips – and best of all, you can take your rings anywhere!

At NC Fitness we pride ourselves on extremely fast handling and shipping to each and every order. View online or drop in to see us in our Hallam, Melbourne shop. Now you can add variety to your workouts and run rings around everyone else!

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  • Gymnastics Rings – Timber 28mm – Premium
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    Gymnastics Rings – Timber – Competition 28mm
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    Competition Gym Ring Straps
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