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Ankle weights have become much more popular in recent years in the fitness and exercise worlds. Their purpose is to increase resistance through normal activities, such as walking, and in workouts. Sometimes they are used for physiotherapy for older people too.

Used properly, ankle weights increase the resistance that you work against in an exercise, therefore improving your strength – particularly if you are doing floor work and raising your legs up.

At NC Fitness we have 5 kilogram ankle weights available. In stylish black with convenient velcro straps for easy put on/take off and secure fitting, the ankle weights are an ideal accompaniment to your workout. Make sure you or your fitness client has attached them properly before beginning exercise and then it’s time to put your best foot forward.

Buy online or drop in to our showroom in Hallam, Melbourne for a closer look. We also offer the convenience of using zipPay so you can buy now, pay later.

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