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Rowing is excellent for cardio fitness and conditioning. You get a full body workout, all from the same piece of equipment.

The activity of rowing benefits heart and lungs with superb cardiovascular conditioning and is a time-efficient form of exercise, not to mention an excellent stress-reliever. It is weight supporting and non-jarring and so is ideal for rehabilitative exercise as well as being a very effective fat burning and weight loss exercise. You can row at any stage of life as it’s suitable for people of all ages, and it provides a smooth, rhythmic movement that is both safe and enjoyable.

At NC Fitness we have rowers from Concept 2, famous for making world-class rowers since 1976.

Ski lovers who can’t get to the snow needn’t miss out on the motion of skiing – we have the Concept 2 Ski Ergonomic with wall mount option (floor mount sold separately). The Ski-Erg provides all the aerobic and strength benefits, and is available even when there’s no snow or you can’t get to the trails. Browse our range online and be sure to contact us with any queries – or pop down to our store in Hallam, Melbourne to meet the team and see our products in action.

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