chicken soup

Winter is here. And with it comes more time indoors and an increased risk of infection. 

Not to mention we’re now socialising more and returning to the gym (not mad about it). 

One thing you can do to bolster your protection in the coming months is to add immune-boosting foods to your diet. Take a look at these 5 foods to supercharge your immune system. 

1. Chicken Soup

Remember Mum’s chicken soup when you stayed home sick as a kid? 

It turns out there are scientific reasons why it makes you feel better. 

Cold viruses invade the upper respiratory tract, and the body responds by triggering inflammation. This inflammation signals white blood cells to move to the area and stimulate mucus (gross). But the ingredients in chicken soup can actually thin out the mucus to help you expel it (even grosser). 

The heat and aroma can also help clear the nasal passage. Chicken soup really is medicine!

capsicum for vitamin C

2. Red Capsicum

If you think of oranges when you think of vitamin C, think again. 

Because red capsicums contain approximately three times as much vitamin C as oranges!

Vitamin C helps to ward off a cold because it’s thought to increase white blood cells, which fight off infection. It isn’t produced or stored by your body naturally, which means you need to consume it as part of your diet. 

Eat it raw, grilled or in a tasty stir fry — red capsicum makes an awesome addition to any meal.

3. Yoghurt

Look for a yoghurt that has live and active cultures, like Greek yoghurt.

These yoghurts are rich in probiotics which boost immune function and may even reduce the length and severity of a cold. 

Why is a healthy gut good for the immune system? It helps with proper digestion and detoxification. Meaning you can absorb what you need to and rid yourself of what you don’t. 

Yoghurt is also rich in vitamin D which is necessary for robust immune function. And we already know it’s packed full of protein for gains, which is why it’s in our top 10 foods to take your cut to the next level.

ginger for immunity

4. Ginger

This gut-friendly spice stimulates digestion, gut motility and bowel function. This means it can help relieve bloating, cramping and nausea to help you feel the top of your game all year round.

Not only that, but ginger also helps reduces inflammation. Since we know inflammation is what gives you cold symptoms, this is a big bonus. 

Try a hot lemon, ginger and turmeric drink to really give yourself an immunity boost. 

5. Oysters

These are probably the biggest surprise on this list! Oysters are in fact a nutritional powerhouse from the ocean. 

One serve can give you 20% of your daily vitamin C, 45% of your daily iron and 190% of your daily selenium. Selenium is an essential mineral that enhances your immune response. Not to mention oysters are also high in quality protein. 

Natural or Kilpatrick, get some into your diet!

When considering what else to eat to supercharge your immune system, look for fresh, colourful foods packed with vitamins and nutrients. And of course, drink lots of water!

For more tips on healthy eating, check back regularly to see our latest posts