foods to buy frozen

We’re not talking about frozen microwave meals that have been at the back of your freezer for months and taste like freezer burn. We’re talking about foods that are handy to have at home and are honestly just better to buy frozen.

1. Carrots

This might be a surprising one. You can buy carrots fresh year-round, why would you buy them frozen? Surprisingly, it’s been found frozen carrots can be more nutritious than fresh carrots. They actually gain beta-carotene after being frozen. 

Frozen carrots work well as a sneaky addition in things like meatballs, dumplings and burger patties (vegetarian or not).

frozen peas

2. Peas

This one is probably less surprising, who doesn’t have a pack of frozen peas ready to go? Even if your pack is just there for icing injuries. 

Fresh peas are expensive and time-consuming to prepare. Frozen, peas retain their vital nutrients like ascorbic acid. They’re quick to thaw or steam and make a great protein addition to most meals. Try whizzing them up in your next pesto.

3. Broccoli

We already know the benefits of broccoli, such as antioxidant content, vitamin c and all those other good things. 

But another benefit is that broccoli freezes really well, maintaining its bright colour and firm texture. 

flavour bomb ice cube

4. Flavour Bomb

Flavour bombs are when you freeze flavours in an ice cube tray. 

They’re great to add an explosion of flavour to any meal. You can use them to store leftovers, chicken stock, basil pesto, tomato paste, roasted garlic or any flavour you love to pack a punch.

Just hope no one accidentally puts a few cubes in their iced tea…

5. Prawns

Nobody likes picking the poo out of prawns. Frozen prawn meat cooks up quickly and easily and tastes great without the hassle of shelling.

Plus want to know a secret? Fresh prawns are rarely fresh anyway. You’ll notice they often say “freshly thawed”.

Prawns great for a source of protein and to boost your immunity, so why not skip the middle man and thaw them yourself when you need them?

6. Spinach

If you’re making a salad, buy fresh. But for cooked dishes, you can’t go past frozen spinach.

According to a 1997 British study, frozen spinach lost only 30% of its vitamin C content over the course of a year whereas fresh spinach lost 90% of it in just three days! 

Top tip: look for frozen leaf spinach and not the chopped stuff.

frozen cauliflower rice

7. Cauliflower Rice

You definitely could rice your own cauliflower at home. But it’s time-consuming and becomes very smelly in just a day or two. 

Frozen cauliflower rice often has a finer grain so cooks more quickly, and did we mention you don’t have to spend time grating cauliflower?

8. Edamame

High in protein, rich in vitamins and minerals and super tasty. It’s already a no brainer why you’d have edamame at home. 

This is another food where shelling just takes too much time. Keep a bag in the freezer and you can toss them into any dish or have them as a starter. 

frozen food berries

9. Berries

So often berries are not in season and they’re so expensive to buy fresh. 

Luckily these delicate fruits experience minimal destruction when frozen. They last for ages and are a healthy addition to your freezer.

They’re amazing in a smoothie, where being frozen actually benefits the consistency.

10. Fish

Why buy frozen fish? Taste, convenience and price. 

Similar to prawns, buying fish frozen means that it was frozen at the peak of its freshness, therefore locking in that great flavour, nutrition and texture. Plus it’s a nice change from your usual canned tuna.

Keeping your diet interesting and delicious is the best way to stay on track with your eating habits. For more inspiration on how to eat nutritious, varied food, check out our blog on alternative proteins